Recovery [l.h]

'Happy for once.'

♛ Sequel to 'Bullied' ♛

Read 'Bullied' first.


12. 1.0

As Michael walked through the door of his house from getting back from the store, he went into the kitchen and laid his things down.

Then he rushed into his room to his computer.

He logged onto Twitter with a grin on his face and tweeted

Dead boy Calum Hood is alive after all.


After Malie & Ashton had left Luke that night to go to their apartment, Luke was just staring up at his ceiling while laying down on the floor.

"Hello? Who are you?" A voice said entering the room.

Luke sat up to see the voice belonged to a girl with dirty blonde hair, brown eyes, and was short.

Luke wasn't going to lie, this girl was attractive.

"This is my um dorm." Luke said uncomfortably.

"It's mine too." The girl said walking in with a bunch of suitcases.

Luke gulped.


"I'm hungry Malie!" Ashton whined while he sat at the kitchen island on his phone.

"Fix you some food then." Malie said as she watched tv from the living room.

"Please fix it for me, pretty please!" Ashton said turning around to look at Malie with puppy eyes.

"Fine, but this is the only time." Malie said as she got up from the couch, rolling her eyes.

Ashton smiled.

"What do you want to eat?" Malie asked when she entered the kitchen.

"A PBJ sandwich." He replied simply, his eyes glued to his phone.

"Really! You couldn't have made that?" Malie said aggravated.

So Malie pulled out the bread and got the peanut butter jar from the cabinet, and the jelly from the fridge.

They didn't have much food already but they did have this.

"Look, I'm gonna teach you how to make one." Malie said while the ingredients were Infront of her, on the counter.

Ashton looked up from his phone to the ingredients.

"First you get 2 slices of bread." Malie said as she pulled out 2 slices of bread while Ashton watched.

"Then you get a butter knife and spread some peanut butter on the sandwich." Malie said while doing so, Ashton nodded.

"Then you get the same butter knife and spread jam on the same 2 pieces of bread, and put the 2 pieces of bread together, ta-da!" Malie said as she did the exact thing, giggling a bit, right as she was done Ashton snatched the sandwich out from her hand and started eating away.

"Thanks, I already knew how to make one but thanks." Ashton mumbled as he ate the sandwich.

Malie cleaned up the kitchen and washed the butter knife, putting it back in the drawer.

"I'm going to take a shower now!" Malie yelled as she ran towards her room to get her pajamas, then to the bathroom.

But when Malie entered the bathroom, Ashton was already in there, naked.

Malie blushed at the sight and turned around.

"I told you I was getting in the shower!" Malie said while facing the hall.

Suddenly Ashton pulled Malie back into the bathroom and shut the door, Malie screamed.

"We can take one together." Ashton said turning Malie around to face him.

Malie pushed Ashton back, "Ew no! I have a boyfriend Ashton."

Ashton pulled Malie back towards him and whispered in her ear

"You know you want to."


Rest of Day 3

"Thanks." Calum said to Sara as she handed him the blunt.

"Now the favor." Sara said eyeing Calum.

"Fine, but after we smoke this." Calum said.

So the 2 locked his door and light it up with Sara's lighter and smoked it, making little conversation.


When they finished it off Calum said

"I'm hungry."

"Me too."

"Go get us some food." Calum said to Sara with pleading eyes.

"Fine, but then you do me the favor and I mean it." Sara said seriously.

Soon Sara came back with 2 plates of food.

The plates had mash potatoes, steak, and beans on them, including a tiny orange juice.

When Sara sat down beside Calum, they both started eating.

But when Calum got to his mash potatoes he decided to have some fun and stood up, before Sara could say anyhthing Calum threw the whole thing of potatoes at her face causing her to gasp.

"It's on." Sara said whipping her face off with the back of hands and stood up as well.

She grabbed a handfull of beans and chunked them at Calum.

They both laughed and Calum threw the rest of his orange juice all down Sara's shirt.



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