Recovery [l.h]

'Happy for once.'

♛ Sequel to 'Bullied' ♛

Read 'Bullied' first.


11. 0.9

Day 3

"Saraaaa" Calum yawned as he woke up.

"What do you want Calum?" She said walking into his small room.

"Come here." Calum said as he sat up on his bed.

Sara walked over and sat beside Calum on the small white bed.

So Calum leaned over and whispered in Sara's ear

"Get me a blunt and I'll do you a favor."

Sara's hairs on the back of her neck stood up and she turned to Calum.

"Okay, I'm trusting you Calum."

The only reason Sara agreed is because she knew what Calum meant when he said 'I'll do you a favor.'

So Sara told somebody at the front desk to watch over Calum and she left to go to the nearest store to buy a blunt.


When she walked in the store a blue haired boy was in line buying a bag of chips and a soda, so Sara got in line behind him.

After the blue haired boy who was rather tall paid for his things he turned around to leave but noticed Sara.

"Hey, you look familar!" He exclaimed to her.

Sara realized the guy was Michael Clifford, a patient who once came into the hospital drunk saying weird things like "Doctor! I think something is wrong there is a elephant in my pants."

Sara would never forget Michael, he had just changed his hair color and that was all.

"Yeah it's me, Sara." Sara said trying to get passed Michael to get to the counter.

"Ah, your that hot nurse from the hospital!"

Sara nodded and asked the guy behind the counter for a blunt and paid him, afterwards stuffing the thing into her purse.

"Why'd you buy that, you don't look like the type of girl to buy one of them things." Michael said as he walked with Sara out of the store.

"It's for a friend of mine." Is all Sara said.

"Who's this friend of yours, she sounds pretty lucky to be your friend." Michael says grinning, following Sara to her car.

"It's a he and his name is Calum Hood." She said as she got in her car, ignoring the state of shock on his face as she pulled away.


"Nice dorm you have here." Malie said as she walked through the door of Luke's dorm for the first time, he had it all sat up with his things.

"College days are wild, as what I've heard." Ashton said plopping down on Luke's bed.

Malie was exhausted from all the unpacking she had done at her new apartment across the road from Luke's college, her new apartment was nicer than the last but she did have loud neighbors.

"Yeah I know I'll try to avoid all the fun partys." Luke said as he sat in his black bean bag chair on the floor.

Malie rolled her eyes.

"You're already thinking about the partys and you haven't even started college yet." Malie said.

"It starts next week, I have to prepare. When are you gonna start looking for a job?" Luke asked curiously.

"Tomorrow I guess, and so is Ashton." Malie said seriously.

"Ugh.A job." Ashton said also tired because he had to unpack his things at Malie's apartment because he was gonna be staying with her until he could afford his own apartment, but he would be sleeping on the couch.

"If you meet any hot girls make sure to tell them you have a girlfriend." Malie said jokingly, as she sat down in Luke's lap.

Luke kissed Malie's cheek gently and whispered "I will babe."


A/N ♕

Another short chapter, I'll try to make the next one longer.


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