Recovery [l.h]

'Happy for once.'

♛ Sequel to 'Bullied' ♛

Read 'Bullied' first.


10. 0.8

"Ashton where the flipperly flip are all my boxers?!" Luke screamed while he was looking through his suitcases of clothes.

Malie and Luke already had everything packed up in suitcases, and the big things would be left behind, so Luke was making sure he had everything.

Ashton also had everything ready but didn't bother to check if he had everything, he just threw all his things in the car.

"Look in-

"Never mind I found them." Luke screamed back before Ashton could answer him.

Ashton didn't know why Luke was screaming because they were in the same room, a couple of feet away to be exact. Maybe because Luke was so excited and anxious to be leaving tonight for London.

"Why do you keep screaming Luke?" Malie says as she walks into their bedroom that was filled with suitcases.

Before Malie could say something else she was tackled to the ground by Luke, who was hugging her tightly.

"I'm just so excited baby girl." He whispered in her ear causing her to blush.

Malie pushed Luke off her onto the open spot on the floor beside her, then she sat up.

"The plane leaves in 1 hour, we should get going."Malie says seriously while looking at Luke.

Malice already had all her things in her car, and Luke's things were the only thing left to get.

So Luke got himself up from the floor and then helped Malie up, Ashton was already carrying some of Luke's things out the door.


"Oh my god, we are so far up in the sky I think I'm going to be sick." Ashton quivered from the seat behind Luke, Luke was beside the window, Malie next to him because Malie is afraid of heights.

"Shut up mate before you scare Malie." Luke said seriously as he cuddled with Malie.


"Wake up Malice, we're here baby." Luke whispered into Malie's ear trying to wake her up.

Malie shot her eyes open and started to smile.

Ashton had already left the plane with all his things, so Luke & Malie quickly got their things and exited the plane.


Day 2

Calum watched as the painters painted over the inked walls.

"Stuff like this happens all the time you know? Your not badass." Sara said to Calum as she also watched the painters paint over the walls.

Calum ignored Sara's little remark, he was still going to survive these 30 days and make them fun whether his 'personal nurse' liked it or not.

"I'm bored, wanna go play a board game?" Calum asked Sara not taking his eyes off the walls.

Sara eyed Calum suspiciously then agreed with "Sure."

The 2 got up from their seats and walked out of Calum's small room of white and into the next room where the patients hung out.

At one table was 3 teenage boys and 2 teenage girls, so Calum went and sat there while Sara followed.

Calum took the cards from the pack that was on the table.

"Who's up for strip poker?" Calum asked with a grin.

Sara eyes widened.

"We cannot play that Calum!" She nearly yelled, as the other teenagers nodded and said they would play.

"There isn't a rule that says we can't." Calum said back grinning.

Sara realized he was right, there was no rule saying they couldn't play strip poker.

So Calum set everything up, and they started playing.


30 minutes later

Sara was shirtless with no shoes or socks.

Calum had no pants on.

Riley (one of the girls at the table) was topless and pants less.

Gena (the other girl at the table) had no shoes or socks on.

Freddy (one of the guys at the table) was still fully clothed.

Jack (one of the guys at the table) was only in his underwear.

Nick (one of the guys at the table) only had his pants & underwear on.

They kept playing as Sara kept checking Calum out, all she could think of was how hot Calum was without a shirt.

And Calum kept glancing at Sara.


A/N ♕

Short chapter.

Comment ideas that I could add for things for Calum to do as he stays 30 days at this thing.

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