Recovery [l.h]

'Happy for once.'

♛ Sequel to 'Bullied' ♛

Read 'Bullied' first.


4. 0.2

"We'll i guess I'll go now, happy birthday." Calum said ashamed of himself.

Malie watched as Calum left her house, she could tell he was hurt by her words, but she couldn't care less because what he did to her was way beyond worse.

So Malie went back into her room and started packing more.


Luke got ready to leave to go to Malie's house, but when he entered the living room his mom stopped him.

"Where do you think you're going Lucas?" Liz asked raising a eye brow.

"To Malie's, it's her birthday." Luke said.

"I don't like her Luke." Liz said being honest.

"And I don't care." Luke said leaving from out the front door anyways.


Calum felt hurt, he knew he shouldn't have did that to Malie but he never wanted to break her heart and they be more serious.

Calum was just stopping something that wasn't meant to be, and now he regretted it, For Malie was way more beautiful than she was before, Calum wished he was her Luke because Calum knew Luke & Malie were meant to be.


Soon Luke pulled into Malie's driveway.

The U-Haul truck was in her front yard, and she was moving boxes from the house into the truck.

Luke was disgusted that her dad didn't even bother helping her.

Luke got out of his car and walked into Malie's house, her front door was wide open.

While Luke was looking for Malie he ran into her, good thing she didn't drop her things.

"Sorry babe." Luke mumbled and started helping bring the boxes to the truck.

After a minute they both stopped and rested at the edge of the truck.

"My mom doesn't like you." Luke blurted out staring off in the distance.

"I know, I can tell and I don't care." Malie said staring at Luke.

"I don't care either, I was wondering can I come move in with you in your apartment?" Luke asked turning to Malie.

"Of course babe." Malie said with a smile.



Short chapter because it keeps deleting what I write.

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