Luke's girlfriend



16. humiliated

3 years later~~~~~~•

Brooklyn's pov

Oh my god Calum u were scared as hell now stop lying so u don't even more humiliated when I post it on Instagram. Don't u dare. Nah I'm fine just as I was about to press send Calum jumps on me and grabs my phone and deletes all of the pictures until I quickly press the button to turn it off as there the last 5 pictures. He then evilly grins and said u don't think I don't know how to turn a phone on. I then smile widely when he frowns because I have a password. I then say cal-pal can I get up your as heavy as fuck. Nah I'm good I rather stay here and tease by rubbing my motherfucking dick on you he evilly grins. That's when the motherfucker starts to play thrust as he laughs when try and wiggle out of he's tight grip so it's useless so I only have one option left. Hi yah and he immediately falls numb I laugh as hard as hell till someone from behind me handcuffs me and wraps stuff around my eyes. But then I think it might just be a prank from Calum so the guy finaly unties me and tells me it was Calum's plan but since I didn't struggle I'm just gonna drop u off at ur house. So nod and finaly pulls infront of our house and I hop and run inside as I feel two sets of eyes one me as the run over and hug. I then smile and ask where's Luke and cal-pal they just nod at eachother and point upstairs. I almost felt like crying but instead of almost I did.

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