Luke's girlfriend



2. Adoption Center:2

Brooklyn's pov

I felt useless nobody wanted me I was from America born and raised in Omaha. I was sent to a adoption center when I was 8 and I'm still here. But after awhile of dozing into a another world and women was waving her hands franticaly in my face I came back to earth. But the only reason I came is because she said someone wanted to adopt which threw me off of guard. So once she told me to get my things and come back I bolted up the stairs to tell my best friend her name was Jordan. So I got my phone I snuck when I came and told her the big news. Hey hey Jordan wake up I got news. So I waited for her reply after a few seconds later she replied saying, what is it it's 2 in the morning bitch. I giggled forgetting it was early and replied saying that I got adopted and will miss but still keep in touch and send I said. Score I screamed right after my battery died. Then grabbed all my stuff and headed down stairs. And that's where I saw four teenage boys around 18, an older woman and a teenage girl holding one of the boys hands. I walked behind my instructer peeking around just to see them staring at me with smiles on there faces.

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