Story of a Ghost

I was murdered, I still am unsure of the reason, but I guess there are some things in life you don't get to know the answers to. Life? Well, Death. Currently in Limbo, unknown what my purpose is, but I guess I'll find out. Soon enough...


1. The End.

Gagged, beaten, kidnapped, ... I couldn't fight back, I tried to start with, but my strength withered quickly. Rope burns cursed my wrists, blood dripped carelessly from varied regions of my body and tears smeared the makeup from eyes. Stinging. I can't see, the coarse texture of burlap scratching my tender, sore skin. The what I presumed to be a van threw me about slightly, but a rough hand held my body down. I'd rather be thrown. I cried. Screamed. Clutched at my palms, nails digging in. A swift hard slap came to strike my face,
"Shut up! You little whore!" a deep and unsettling voice growled. I might of been able to fight off a single man, but two... I had no chance. 


The van halted, throwing me against the wall behind the driver. I cried, once again. The man's hands dug into my bare thighs, they tore off my clothes already, I'd rather not to think of them taking my innocence, but they already have. The unsettling voice laughed, his friend in the driver's seat also laughing. I dare not to think what else they could do to me, what else can they other than rape, abuse and kidnapping? The crying didn't end, it poured out more and more furiously. The rope fastening the burlap to my neck whipped off, the sack ripped off. Their faces were not to be seen, masks of black fastened to their heads once again, at least I won't have to remember them clearly. Just the pain.




It was after what seemed like forever of them overpowering me and touching, and kissing and everything else they stopped. Screaming the whole time through a gag  didn't faze them. Their panting now echoing in my head like a migraine, I couldn't help but cry out and screeched. A fist to the gut delivered in accordance to my cries, I coughed out, blood trialling from my mouth. My naked body shook, covered in sweat, spit, blood and cum. I've never felt this cold. I looked straight to the floor, tensing my hands into fists. One of them suddenly reached out and ripped at my hair, dragging me towards him. I screamed.
"Now to make sure you don't tell anyone..." a sinister and twisted tainted his voice. It clicked, I began to kick frantically and hopelessly. The other seized my feet, winding rope around my ankles, tightening it so much my skin rubbed between the rope and broke the barrier to the blood. A metal sound rung in my ears, a knife. I shook my head, crying and begging. He leant in towards me, his mouth pressed up against my ear,
"See you in Hell."


Everything went without sensation, except the gouging wound in my stomach. I gasped. The doors of the van swung open and I fell out into a ditch. I couldn't move, but heard them drive away. Blood splurged from my mouth. My eyes drowning in tears. I froze, staring at the canopy of forest. The bleeding black sky piercing the foliage. So beautiful. How ironic for my death. There isn't anything romantic at all about this, far from it. I close my eyes, a tear rolling down my cheek. Took a final breath and that is it. The End. 

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