Everything you know about the Mad Hatter-wipe it from your mind. He is an assassin. A dangerous one. His friends-allies-from Underland are escaping. And there's nothing you can do about it. Except SNAP from the pressure.


1. Prologue-The Faint Signs Of The Beginnings Of A Mad Man.

        "This is Guard Abbott, outside Cell 295, Block C, Right Wing. Inmate No.2786075 is showing signs of early schizophrenia-being fine one minute, playing cards with other inmates-the next, laughing manically for no reason, going berserk over the littlest thing, having no recollection of what has happened just a moment ago. Questions every tiny detail about the prison. Inmate No.2786075 is currently running hands over bed sheets, muttering something under breath, leg jerking out every other running of hands. I want to finally request Dr. Ann for psychiatric treatment of inmate." Abbott glanced through the bars of the cell into the faintly lit square at the inmate. Dubbed 'Mad Hatter' because of his obsession with wearing god awful hats and of his mental state, Inmate 2786075 stopped all movement, slowly his twisted neck to stare blankly into Guard Abbott's eyes, and started his slow, throaty laugh. The Mad Hatter's laugh was unnervingly beautiful, even to Guard Abbott's ears.

        Heels clicked out a rhythmic pattern of a women's firm step from down the empty hallway. The Mad Hatter's laugh swelled and rose in harmony with them. Abbott finally tore his gaze away from the inmates look and ran an appraising look over the perfectly sculpted Doctor. Her raven hair was tied in a bun, the tendrils that had escaped framing her face. Neat little square glasses propped against the bridge of her nose, magnifying her green eyes. Dr. Ann wore a pencil skirt, smart white shirt, and tall shiny heels. In her petite hands, she firmly held a metal clipboard with a few miscellaneous bits of paper with scrawled notes written all over them.

        "Ah, Guard Abbott. Pleased to meet you." Dr. Ann held her hand out and gave Abbott a swift and professional handshake. "What seems to be the problem?" Abbott motioned to the Mad Hatter and noted that Dr. Ann did not change her expression when she turned her head to the laughing man. In fact, she seemed to give the inmate a vague smile, and turned back to Abbott. Grinning coolly, Ann held her palm out.

        "Keys, if you will. I need a closer look." Guard Abbott had not noticed the knife, carefully hidden under the paper of Dr. Ann's clipboard. Nor had he  remembered that Inmate 2786075 had had a notorious accomplice that went by the name Ann. As Guard Abbott reached suspiciously for his keys, the last thing he heard was the maniacal laughter of two people.

        Inmate 2786075. Mad Hatter is free. SNAP.





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