Everything you know about the Mad Hatter-wipe it from your mind. He is an assassin. A dangerous one. His friends-allies-from Underland are escaping. And there's nothing you can do about it. Except SNAP from the pressure.


4. Chapter Three-The Meeting Of The Red Queen And Upbringing Of Past Times.

        The Red Queen sat, in all of his patronising glory, atop his self proclaimed throne of evil and dark crimson blood. A wickedly taunting smile played upon his lips, promising antagonising pain and truthful honesty. The Red Queen's pale fingers interlocked and pressed into his full, ruby lips, his eyes flickering and debating whether or not to bring The Mad Hatter's proposition up in his power.

       "So, my little Mad one, how do you propose getting to this Other worldly dimension? Are you planning on threatening that poor little science-y man Pillar again? Please, he is quite a dear, do you not think, my little Mad one?" The Mad Hatter held The Red Queen's gaze, rather a dangerous, arrogant move, even for a man like Hatter.

        "Queen, dear. Please. Are you really expecting any less of me? I just need you, my dear Red, to accompany my Ann, a select few and I when we eventually iron out the picky details." Hands carefully tucked into the small of his back, Hatter started to smoothly cross his way toward The Red Queen. Arching his brow, Hatter seemed to choose his words quite carefully before continuing. "Or would you like me to go round and round the way we did when we younger, my dear? I demand, and you give?"

        This made he Red Queen pause quite considerably. His golden flecked eyes darted to the space adjacent to The Hatter, and started to splutter. 

        "Bu-but, my little Hatter, that was when we were younger! No need to get hasty, alright?" Hatter once again arched his brow. "Little Mad one, I just have to-have to ask. Why? Why me? I hardly think that someone of my reputation is hardly right for something like this." The laugh that sent chills down people's spine was loud, obnoxious, fearfully mad and entirely Hatter. His head thrown back, arms and legs dancing round slowly, The Mad Hatter was the picture of why anyone in the Otherside should be afraid of Underland's beings.

        "Reputation? Your precious reputation, my dear Queen is, quite frankly, poisoned beyond help! All because you order someone like me to kill people for you. So do not go telling me, my dear, to who I should ask to accompany me to wherever I shall please. You know I know things you wish to keep a deadly secret. Do you not agree with me Queen?" With that, The Hatter turned on his heel and left the room.


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