Everything you know about the Mad Hatter-wipe it from your mind. He is an assassin. A dangerous one. His friends-allies-from Underland are escaping. And there's nothing you can do about it. Except SNAP from the pressure.


2. Chapter One-The Way In Which The Hatter Is Insane.

        "Ah, my dear Alice. So good to see you again, isn't it, my dear?" The Hatter let out a slow, throaty laugh that left Alice wincing. It forced her to have a peaked sense of the hideous, horrible goosebumps that coiled and rose along her pale, slender flesh. She wondered how the Hatter could force her feel both uncomfortable and a valued member of his cruelly built community-oh, how Alice, how dear little Alice hated the Hatter's insanity.

        "Why are you so afraid, my dear? Are you afraid of a little-madness?" Hatter grinned maliciously, and ran a slender finger down one of Alice's soft cheekbones. "Because you know what, my dear little Alice? The madness, it does not simply stop at me!" The Hatter threw both hands, palms down, to his strong-built chest, and heaved out a raspy, breathless laugh. "There are many ways in which The Mad Hatter is insane! And you can be one of them, dearest Alice!" Hatter had started to speak in an unnerving third person perspective about himself.

        Alice-Hatter's dearest Alice-blinked once, twice, a third time in quick succession and replied, rather sweetly, "Well, Hatter, it was a-an unfortunate pleasure, to see how well you are. I assume that Ann is perfectly intact after you're little-escape?" Everyone in Underland knew about the Mad Hatter, Ann and their ways about the land. One was insanely mad, yet highly sophisticated and smart-the other was a young, intelligent lady who had gotten herself caught up in gangs, drugs and mixed up with company like the Hatter. Ann had gained quite the reputation in the world of Underland.

        "Ann? Why, of course, my dear Alice, Ann is perfectly intact, why would she never be intact? Are you quite yourself, little Alice?" 'Little' Alice was bemused. It was strangely hypocritical of the Hatter to speak in this manner of others. "Oh, Aliiice." Hatter's sing-song voice was quiet and close to Alice's ear. Alice turned; Hatter had pressed claustrophobically near, practically kissing his sour lips to her blonde haired covered ear. She knew not to act surprised-it would act as an inviting window for the Hatter to go off on a fit.

        Hatter's insanely gorgeous smoker's laugh drawled out once more. Flinging pens and potions and cakes and snakes out of his many pockets, Hatter waved an ugly bow and danced himself away from blonde little Alice. This was his way of saying-Bye, bye for now! 




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