The New Girl

When the new shy girl Alexis moves back to Sydney from L.A. to see her family again she meets a new guy that is in her brothers band Michael Clifford it may seem like a dream come true to you but to lexi not so much she is an average teenage girl who did some wrong things in the past will she find true love or will she still be the same in that supposably "AVERAGE" life....


21. The Library

  Lexi's P.O.V.

 Later that day me and Luke were listening to Good Girls while I was on the computer looking for a babysitter to take care of Ariella. Once the song was over Luke asks if we could go to the library. I was like sure let me call the babysitter first then we'll go. The doorbell rings and Luke answers the door. "Hi, I'm the babysitter you guys requested." said a perky voice. "Hi, welcome to our house, come in... there is a list of everything you need to know on the kitchen counter." Luke said in a welcoming voice. "Well me and my girlfriend are going to the library so all you need to know is that Ariella is allergic to peanuts and pineapples." said Luke really fast. "babe come on we are gonna leave soon!" Luke yelled. I rushed down stairs, smiled at the lady (with blonde hair which had very subtle brown highlights and blue eyes, she also has on a simple pair of blue skinny jeans and a nice white top that says 'we all laugh in the same language' with a pair of all white converse), I then ran out the door trying to keep up with Luke.


  Luke's P.O.V.

 I grabbed Lexi's wrist and headed toward the car. Once we arrived at the library I pulled her towards the back and started singing the lyrics to good girls when.....


A/N OMG THANK YOU GUYS SOOOOOOO MUCH FOR 10.9K READS IFLYGSM . Ok so i know, i know i left you on a cliffhanger, hehe, but anyways Heather started writing then i didn't know what she wanted so I left y'all on dat cliffhanger ....


Hope you liked......ILY

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