The New Girl

When the new shy girl Alexis moves back to Sydney from L.A. to see her family again she meets a new guy that is in her brothers band Michael Clifford it may seem like a dream come true to you but to lexi not so much she is an average teenage girl who did some wrong things in the past will she find true love or will she still be the same in that supposably "AVERAGE" life....


11. Surprise !!!! (part 2)



   Calum's P.O.V

 I really wanted to know what the secret was but she wouldn't tell and all she said was either 'its a surprise' or 'i will tell you tonight', It gets really annoying you know. Later i wanted to see if we could go to the movies but i know she wouldn't be up for it so i went into Michael's room to see what she likes because i mean he is her brother. I turned off the TV and i started up the stairs and down the hallway, next thing i knew i felt cold metal on the palm of my hand, i knew it was the door-knob so i twisted it and i guess never mind cause it was the bathroom,luckily no one was in it. I turned around and saw Michael's door i walked in and of course he was on his DS.... ugh, "hey michael do you know what lexi likes" and with that he turned it off, turned his head towards and looked at me with big eyes. "Crap, i forgot it was your Pokemon time(BTW in real life i have an hour of 5SOS time). "Well she likes anything to do with pretty things so maybe take her to a garden or something" he said while turning his DS back on. I went straight to lexis room and hopefully it was hers.... i guess i was just too exited about the surprise that i totally lost my mind like i mean i have been here so many times and i apparently forgot where the rooms are, anyways i turned the knob and walked in "ever heard of knocking" she said walking out of her bathroom with her robe on and a towel rapped around her head." sorry and um... guess what, i have a surprise of my own" i said smiling and jumping up and down like a child that just got a new toy.



  Lexi's P.O.V.

 I was in the shower washing my hair that the though of the surprise i had for calum completely went away but then i was thinking of how i slowly started falling in love with Luke even more which kind of upset me cause i do have feelings for calum still but more for luke. I got out of the shower put my robe on and rapped a towel around my head. I put my face cream on and headed riht out of the bathroom about to take my robe off but calum was in the room. "Ever heard of knocking" i said a bit too rude, well at least i thought i sounded rude. After me and calum were done talking I found out he had a surprise for me so i got ready and put on a big grey comfy hoodie that was calums, a pair of shorts and red and white converse. I straightend  my hair and  put on a red bandana headband that was from "Clair's", afterwards i did my makeup which was eyeliner in my tight-line with some mascara, cream blush, and EOS lip balm. I headed out of the bathroom and calum looked up from his phone slowly and looked at me with big eyes. "Like what you see" i asked hime while giggling " maybe maybe not " calum said smiling. I knew I would have to break up with him cause i just don't feel the sparks anymore when he grabs my hand but even when i just even LOOK at luke i definitely  feel sparks and I'm so confused so i asked calum to drop me off at Julia's for about half an hour before we left. 


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