The New Girl

When the new shy girl Alexis moves back to Sydney from L.A. to see her family again she meets a new guy that is in her brothers band Michael Clifford it may seem like a dream come true to you but to lexi not so much she is an average teenage girl who did some wrong things in the past will she find true love or will she still be the same in that supposably "AVERAGE" life....


35. news????



    Ariella's P.O.V.


 Today was of course another Thursday so i got out of bed and headed to the bathroom to take a shower, after i was done i wrapped a towel around my head and put my robe on to head downstairs. the house was still kind of messy from my party yesterday but who cares. I got my granola bar and went back to my room. i got dressed (picture above) and did my makeup which for me is BB creme mascara and lipgloss, i put my hair in a fishtail braid going to the side grabbed my backpack and slipped on my sandals. but before i left i put on my love necklace and grabbed my phone.


 I got to my locker and headed over to lilli who was talking to a girl with blonde to pink hair "hey lilli, who is this" i asked "this is sierra she's n-" she got cut off by sierra "AH OMG your dad is Luke Hemmings, can i get a picture" she asked, i gladly excepted it and smiled for the camera, "just because my dads famous doesn't mean you have to treat me differently" i say smiling and rolling my eyes playfully "everyone else here treats me the same as they would to a regular girl, if that makes sense" i say trailing off "but anyways what classes do you have cause i can show you around" i say as she hands me her schedule "oh you have three classes with me, one with sierra and then you are on your own" i say handing her schedule back to her "lets exchange numbers and we can hang out after school" i say handing her my phone. after we exchange numbers the bell rings and me and sierra head off to homeroom.

"ok class, as you can see we have a problem on the board" Ms. Wilson says " so, P,Q,R, and S represent different towns on the map here" she says pointing to the board "which is drawn to scale. Three of the distances shown are correct, which distance cannot be correct " she continues, i look down to my notebook and start doing the math i quickly raise my hand first "yes miss Hemmings" she says "um number 8?" i say more of a question "correct" she says 


i got home and texted sierra to see if she can come over and she said her mom was driving her so i put my phone down and went to the bathroom to take my makeup off, after i did so i moisturized my face and put on my burts bees chapstick, i headed towards my room and to my dresser i got out my skull socks, Ramones shirt and comfy shorts after i put everything on i threw my hair in a messy bun and headed down to the kitchen to hang out with my mom and dad "so i have some news" my mom says "what is it" me and my dad say in unison "well im expecting" "WHAT?!?!?" me and my dad say standing up from the couch "that's awesome" my dad says hugging her "ew, but omg mom that's amazing' i say and go hug her but right then and there the door bell rings "i'll get it" i say running to the front door "oh hey sierra" i say and hug her "come in my parents are in the living room" i say "oh Lilli is coming over in a few minutes is that ok" she asks yeah sure i say as we walk into the living room" "mom, dad this is sierra, is it ok if we hang out a bit" i ask "yeah sure, nice to meet you sierra" my mom says "nice to meet you too" sierra says shyly "ok we will be in my room" i say as we head  up the stairs and into my room "hey ariella" " yeah dad" i say as he walks into my room "um we have a flight tomorrow so if sierra wants to come with us she can i asked my manager to buy 2 extra ticket since i figured you might want a friend to come and then whoever else you want to come with you" he says and i look over to sierra "um ill ask my-" "ari lilli is here" she says as lilli walks into my room "THE SQUAD IS HERE!!" we scream in unison we all laugh and i ask if lilli wants to come too and our parents already talked about it. "Anyways i was going to say i'll ask my mom" sierra says then giggles "um do you wanna call now or later" i say getting up to grab my laptop "um ill call now just give me a sec" she says pulling out her phone and calling im guessing her mom "yeah.........mhm.....ok........i know.......kk....see you in a bit" sierra says "ok my mom is coming to drop off my clothes" she says sitting back down on my bed "ok well for now do you guys wanna eat so- " i get cutt off by sierra "ok i cant i've been trying to keep my cool but i need a picture with your dad" she say sighing once she's done "you can just go ask you didnt have to keep your cool"

she takes the picture and her mom gets here and Lilli and sierra change................

I guess we are all flying to my dads concert tomorrow...............


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