The New Girl

When the new shy girl Alexis moves back to Sydney from L.A. to see her family again she meets a new guy that is in her brothers band Michael Clifford it may seem like a dream come true to you but to lexi not so much she is an average teenage girl who did some wrong things in the past will she find true love or will she still be the same in that supposably "AVERAGE" life....


4. Making New Freinds


    Lexi's P.O.V

My mum had taken me to a new High School considering I'm only in 9th grade I probably will get bullied since I'm kind of shy and always get picked last for the most coolest things in school.


During registeration I met a girl name Julie she had wavy light brown hair and the prettiest aqua tips her eyes are the brightest blue and she had a nose ring that was the shape of a star... the makeup was perfection it looked like she was wearing some concealer with a really thin-winged liquid eyeliner some mascara and a light pink lip color. Her outfit was a casual outfit with some black leggings with a white hoodie that said "American Eagle" and a white high-top converse.


I had finally built up the courage to go and talk to her but my mum said we had to go back to the house so i pleaded to go exchange numbers with her so i did and she was really sweet.


 When we got home i headed straight to my room and called Calum telling him about my day and he unexpectedly said "Do wanna hang out some time" "Of couse, call me later and tell me when... gotta go bye"I said as i ended the call.

I went downstairs to grab food that my mum made... "That's for tomorrow missy" she said sort of hissing. I could hear Michael laughing his butt off upstairs... I went into the pantry to grab Vegimite to make some toast(yes i know it is not breakfast time). I plopped the toast in the toaster and waited then spread the Vegimite all over it, I headed back to my bedroom and turned on my laptop and watched some "Orange Is The New Black" until i got a phone call from Julie

( J= Julie L=Lexi)


L:"hey what ya doin' 

J:"nothing, I was wondering if you wanted to hang out this saturday like go to a movie or something"

L:"sure but i will tell you later if I can or cant cause i might have plans on saturday and if so we could always rein check"

J:"Okay sounds good i will talk to you later here is my twitter name @julie_hopkins , bye


I ended the call and looked at the time which was 10:30 so i finished my episode and went straight to sleep.

A/N hey guys i know this chapter is all over the place and that is because i didn't have any notes so it sort of came off the top of my head so sorry about how crummy it is. The boys need girlfreinds so leave any ideas.

Hope you liked... ILY <3



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