The New Girl

When the new shy girl Alexis moves back to Sydney from L.A. to see her family again she meets a new guy that is in her brothers band Michael Clifford it may seem like a dream come true to you but to lexi not so much she is an average teenage girl who did some wrong things in the past will she find true love or will she still be the same in that supposably "AVERAGE" life....


3. Almost True Love


  Michael's P.O.V


 I was playing FIFA and screaming hoping i wouldn't wake Lexi up cause she gets really mad.  She then suddenly came bursting into my room, i thought she was mad but it turns out she just wanted my tripod i wasn't mad because i mean she does have a youtube channel.

 After wards i headed down to the kitchen and got some cereal and then ordered some pizza for the boys and I because it was already 1:00 p.m. 

 I headed back to my room at the end of the hallway to get ready for the boys to come over then Lexi came in.


  Lexi's P.O.V 

 I rushed to Michael's room to tell him we are leaving and we would be back in an hour or so but i barged in which i shouldnt have done because he was in his boxers....EW.

 So i told mum and said i will leave a note for him


 When we arived at the mall i headed straight Pacsun,Aeropastle, Nordstrum and Forever 21. I then pleaded to go to starbucks and get a strawberry smoothie which i am obsessed with.( i am obsessed with it too in real life)


 I came home to find my brother and three boys with one in particular boy which was a total cutie pie. Lets say i almost found true love, he almost looked as if he was aisan but then i thought,no, aisans look way diffrent. Then there was one blondie boy with a quiff and a lip piercing and another curly haired boy.  

Michael came up and introduced me to Calum <3 , Luke , and was all i could say about that. We all started talking and Calum and I became really close friends which made me really happy.

A/N so if you noticed i changed the cover photo cause i thought it looked better so anyways leave a comment saying if Calum should ask out Lexi or not and also Lexi needs a friend so include


Hair color: 

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Makeup style:

Hope you liked...ILY <3


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