What happens when the good girl Avery falls for the school bad boy 'Harry styles' ?


1. chapter one

-- Avery POV --

"Aves get up" my sister Sydney shouted I got up and went into my bathroom. I got in the shower then got dressed in a light pink crop top and a floral skater skirt and pink flats. I curled my hair and did my makeup and went downstairs to eat breakfast. After I ate I put my dishes up and then kissed my parents goodbye before getting in Sydney's car.

We arrived at school and I went to my locker to see my Bestfriend Hilary waiting on me. Then my boyfriend Dalton came up to me and said "hey bbygirl" I blushed and said "hey babe" and kissed his cheek. Then the whole hall got silent as the bad boys of the school walked down it. Thier names are Harry , Liam , Louis , Niall and Zayn , they've practically dated almost every girl here but me and Hilary , although Hilary has the hugest crush on Niall.

They walked past us and then some kid whispered something to his buddy Harry said "what's that?!" the kid said "nothing Harry" Harry said "good" and continued walking. Then I walked to my first class with Hilary after hugging Dalton bye. My first period was pretty boring all we did was notes and then the bell rang. I walked to my 2nd class and sat in my seat and was talking to Lilly another one of my friends when Harry and Niall walked in late the teacher said "explain your tardy" Harry scoffed "you're lucky I showed up at all" and they sat down.

Then the teacher announced "we will be doing a project and you'll be getting partnered up" we all cheered until he said "I'm picking your partner" then everyone groaned he said "okay the partners are ....... Harry and Avery" my heart sunk why me ? The teacher explained the project then told us to get with our partners I groaned and walked over to Harry and I said "h-hi I'm Avery" he said "aren't you a lucky girl?" I said "huh?" He replied "you get to work with me" I fake smiled and he said "we should probably exchange numbers" with a smirk I said "I guess" and he took my phone out of my pocket and punched his number in and sent himself a text. Then the bell rang ..

-------- lunch time -------

I went to lunch and found Hilary and Dalton and sat down. Dalton said "what's wrong bbygirl?" I sighed "my partner in 2nd period" Hilary asked "who is it?" I said "...Harry" and Hilary's eyes widen and Dalton looked shocked too. We ate our lunch then the bell rang and we exited the cafeteria .

------------ end of the day -------

I got some stuff out my locker and went to Sydney's car. She said "how was your day sis?" I groaned "great" and she said "what's up?" I replied "in 2nd period we have partners ... and my partner is Harry" her jaw dropped and said "omg" I said "it's terrible" she agreed. Then we arrived at the house and I went up to my room and changed into a tank top and some sweats. Then I sat on my bed and heard my phone go off I looked to see a name I didn't want to see "Harry ; hello Avery ;)"

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