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2. Lavern2002- I Am Ellie

For facts, this book, that is just getting warmed up, takes about 5-7 minutes to read so far, depending on how quickly you read.

I love this so far! There are a few spelling mistakes where you may have been typing fast, but that is easily fixed.

This Movellas deals with serious issues such as failure in school, parental harassment, self-harm, and diseases such as autism, dyslexia, and anorexia. These topics need to be stopped and showing the negative impacts of all of them through a story can give a different perspective.

One thing I must say though, is that you say "I weigh 120 pounds, I am overweight". 120 is an average, perfect weight for middle schoolers such as myself (depending on height). I weigh about 160 so I'm a bit large.

For a high schooler, which I assume Ellie is, a nice weight would be 130 I believe, unless you want to be a stick.

I once again love this and hope you continue it in the future!

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