Claire is Ashton's girlfriend Ashton has a secret. No one knows. Will Ashton tell Claire or will Claire find out the hard way?


1. detention

Claire's POV

Me and Ashton are in 1 period in school. We have math. I hated mate, it's so hard and who even cares about math. Ashton texted me.

A: I'm bored ;)

C: me too. Why couldn't I just keep school today?

A: that's not what you do.

C: don't you remember us keeping school last Thursday?

Ashton texted back but I could read it cause the teacher took my phone away. "Detention!" Mrs. Lawley said. "Ugh" I said Angry. Ashton turned to look at me. I silently said thanks to him.

Ashton's POV

What was she talking about? I never missed a school day. It's my fault she's going to detention. My stupid brother. He probably did that. I'm gonna kill him.

**Skip the day**

Me and Claire are broken up but I'm gonna fix it.

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