Some feelings

Nothing else left to be written..


2. When I Met Him

The best day of my life..
He saw me today..
I can not remember
What has got on my way

That stopped my feet..
Wanted to make me fall..
I was feeling like a shit
Then hesitation just crawled

I can't manage to say a word
Your smile made me speechless too
It was like seeing the beautiful world
And that handshake was priceless dew

If I could only turn back time
What I'm gonna do is
Stop the tape and rewind
That moment..again live

My Physics, Chemistry, Maths and Bio..
Doesn't let me talk to you
Or else I'd be hanging out with my trio
Where we only talk about new

You came to meet me
After a long time
Didn't you missed me?
You shouldn't be lying


We knew each other
Then the day had arrived
You brought something for me
Damn I didn't had that much time

But when I get time.
I write it into rhymes
Just promise to stay there as a friend..
Cuz I'm gonna need one..never preten

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