Some feelings

Nothing else left to be written..


3. Some Feelings

Something's are there not to be told
Some feelings just not get too old
Liking you is something I won't talk about
Shivers it gives me whenever you're around

At once I am really happy and sad
A bit of enthusiastic and a bit mad
I don't know what comes over when I see you
For just once my heart stops, then I breath you

My body get frozen when you stroke your hair
I was so crazy.....and you did it when I was near
My legs were numb, about to fall on my knees
When you turned around I said "Was that for me?"

You waved at your friend and went upstairs
And like always I have to pretend like I care?
When I reached in my class you were standing there
I entered asap as I couldn't get the air

And then when I saw you near the tap
You were with your friend, I was feeling like crap
I was trembling and shaking with my stoned feet
My friend told me that she has to drink

I decided to stand there and watch you, Oh-Am-Gee
You maybe lift your watch up and I couldn't believe
I would never lie but it felt like a paradise
You were there, standing there in front of my eyes

Is it necessary to get over all this and live apart?
Well then I'm sorry for me it could be so damn hard
But that doesn't mean I am never trying
But when I just don't see you I feel like dying

Not that I can't live without seeing you for once
Becuz thats how I lived for the past few months
But only thinking that you would leave after two years
Then my eyes would search for you and a drop of tear

Only seeing you smiling is what I've asked for
And people don't understand why I really adore
But only if you would know how much I like
You; Only if I could make you realize

But I won't show
Why, do you know?

Becuz something's are there not to be told
Some feelings just not get too old...

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