Tales from Tinder

Meet Ivy, 17 years old, Welsh born and bred, and a student. She doesn't have much luck with the guys around her. Then one day, her friend suggests she tries out a new app called Tinder. Will she ever find her soul-mate? Who knows..


1. Download complete

I stepped down off the bus and onto the cracked pavement outside my college. Once again it was a cold dreary winter's day, where the rain was pouring down all around me. Typical for Wales. I shouldn't expect any less, yet in reality, I always woke up every morning hoping there to be the 30 degree sunshine I had gotten used to in Australia.
"Why do you never fucking wait for me!?" I heard Nix scream from behind me.

This was routine for me now, step off the college bus and have Nix scream at me, even though I had only taken 2 steps away from the bus so I didn't stop the other students getting off, after all, some of them actually wanted to be here.

"Now now Nix, you know I'd never leave without you!" I smiled sweetly at her, turning around and instantly regretting it. That is most likely the only thing I hate about me and Nix, she's younger, but yet taller than me. Although, this was to be expected, I am only 5ft3. I reached into my coat pocket and pulled out my packet of cigarettes with my lighter, this was almost my routine. Smoke after the bus journey to this hell hole. Once you stepped past the hedge into the car park, it was a strict no smoking area, except for the smoking area of course, but that meant waiting for a cigarette until I got there. As usual I offered Nix one from my pack, to which she turned her nose up at, because of course, smoking meant yellow teeth, bad skin and zero chance of being a model. Fat chance she had of becoming on of them anyway, she wouldn't meet the requirements, well she would meet one, the number of brain cells required.

"Smoking is totes awful Ivy, you know that!" She looked me up and down, wrinkling her nose with disdain towards the smell. She's never once agreed with my decision to pick up the habit, but if you've lived the life I have, then smoking is a better alternative to some of the things I could be doing.

"It may be awful, but you don't understand what addictions are like Nix." I sighed and looked her in the eyes. Hoping to see a hint of some sympathy. But of course, I saw none.

"I have an addiction Ivy! I understand what it's like!" She beamed at me, this piped my interest.

"What's that then Nix?" I looked at her from the corner of my eye as I took a drag

"Geordie shore! I just can't live without it!"

She genuinely looked proud of herself. I began to open my mouth to reply when my phone vibrated in my pocket.


"I just heard from Facebook that you're pregnant with my child and doing crack, is that true? If so get an abortion, I want nothing to do with you. I thought I made that clear the day I left your sorry ass. Don't text me back unless to tell me you've had an abortion. 
                                               With love, Mx"


I stared at my phone screen. In what I can only describe as disbelief. Nix noticed my reaction and immediately grabbed the phone from my hands and began to read

"HEY!" I shouted at her trying to grab my phone back "Give it back Nix, its not funny"
"No asshole writes this to you and gets away with it, end of. I'm going to hunt him down today and make sure he doesn't walk for a whole month" 

That's one of the scary things about Nix, she can be so threatening but use such a monotone voice, it freaks me out sometimes. 

"Just face it Nix, I'm always going to end up dating losers, it just who I am." I sighed and lit another cigarette, pondering how people in my class were going to treat me today, considering this horrible rumour was on Facebook. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed Nix tapping away on my phone. "Don't you dare text him back Nixie Faith or I swear to the heavens and back you will not be able to text ever again"

Nix smirked at me "Will you shut up Ivy Jones, using my full name are we now? Just finish smoking and I'll show you what I've done"

My stomach instantly filled with dread. What if she's text my mum, she'll go ape shit at me, oh my god what about my dad?! He'd literally make me never leave the house, just home school me instead, considering he works from home, it'd be feasible as well. What if she's text Michael back?.. Eh I actually wouldn't mind that, he deserves it after all. I dropped the cigarette on the floor and stubbed it out. 

"Phone. Now." I said looking at Nix, not in any mood for her shit.
"Nearly done, one or two more things!" Grinning to herself, Nix continued to tap and swipe away.
"Nix, if you do not give me my phone I swear to the Goddess that I will snap all ten of your perfectly manicured nails." She looked at me, wide eyed.
"You wouldn't fucking dare..."
"Give me the god damn fucking phone then you'll never find out!" I screamed at her, wanting to know what the hell she was playing at.
"Fine but do not delete anything I have put! It is for your own sake!" She sheepishly handed me back my locked phone.

I woke the screen up to see one notification above all the others. 


Tinder - Download complete.




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