A collection of poems looking at different points of love and romance.


7. What I Want

I want to hold your hand

To gaze into your eyes

To sit beside you quietly, and watch the starry skies

I want to hear your voice

To wrap around your chest

To do the crazy things I do, and know you haven’t left

I want to hear your heart

To hear it beat with mine

To lie there with you, peacefully, our fingers intertwined

I want to see you smile

To stay up late at night

To hear your soothing calming voice and know that it’s alright

I want to hear your laugh

To chase my fears away

To open up my door and see a nameless wrapped bouquet

I want to be with you

To know what makes you tick

To walk into a room and know I’m not your party trick

I want you to want me

To love me more each day

To hold me tightly to you, to protect me, come what may

I want to be in love

For you to love me too,

To wrap your arms around me and to know I’m safe with you.

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