Shy Guy (A 5SOS love story)

Read to find out about my friends and me having an adventurous love story with our favorite 5SOS member!!


1. Last Month of Summer

Its the last month of the summer and me and Amber are going to have a girls night and watch movies gossip and just have fun together. I mean we wanted to go to a one direction concert but we didn't get the tickets. We wanted to go so badly to see 5 seconds of summer open for them. Oh well maybe next time.

Then my godfather came over and asked us if we wanted to go to work with him tomorrow to see one direction perform at met life. Of course we said yes. Then I walked away and he pulled out 4 box tickets to see one direction at met life statium. Me and amber jumped up and down and we said that we had to pick out what we were gonna wear. We needed so many things but we just couldn't wait until the day of the concert. We just kept talking about it until the next day, the day of the concert. We stayed up until 2:00 in the miring and then we passed out case we were so tired.

Me and Amber passed out cause were so happy and we were watching movies and listening to music and we were also gossiping about one direction and 5 seconds of summer too. We were gossiping if we meet them back stage what will we do. Will we pass out will I pass out will amber pass out, we have no idea what will happen.

Anyways I'm gonna go and I will write a little more the next day.

"The Next day"

Mr and Amber got up and we picked out what we were gonna wear tomorrow for the concert. I picked out a pair of blue skinny jeans and a black tank top that said love on it. For amber we picked out a pair of Jean like leggings and a take too with Perry the platupuses face on it. Then we picked out our black vans and we were ready for tomorrow. We just can't wait cause we might be meeting one direction and 5 seconds of summer backstage. Like OMG. We have to be prepared for it all. Even if it doesn't happen we will still be prepared. Well when we get ready tomorrow for the concert we will be very prepared and it will happen if we meet them. Well its "1:30 in the morning so we r gonna go to bed so that we are all happy and all not tired for the concert. So wtyl.

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