Are You Sure?

Alice is a normal teenager, she goes to school, hangs around with friends and crushes on boys but she thinks Joss in particular is the one for her. His girlfriend Tia loathes Alice but she doesn't know why? When Alice takes a holiday to England, everything she ever wanted happens; maybe she was wrong.


2. Unbelievable!

        I had beans and mash for dinner, my favourite. it may be simple to you but My mum is an amazing cook and makes it so delicious! We sat down as a family for dinner as my mum said she had something to say. Whenever she said that, it was always to do with business, and i was right. She owned a very successful restaurant in the centre of town, an american diner to be exact and oh my, it is fabulous! She has all the american deserts and meals from skinny fries to vast burgers and gigantic ice creams to mouth-watering waffles with the most marvellous syrup. after day dreaming about the love of food, I got down from the table but my dad stooped me and said: 

"Wait, Alice, we have something to tell you" so i came back over. My mum replied with

"yes, as i have the next three weeks off, we thought we could take a holiday" I smiled and thought about the past few times she's said that and we've drove to Scotland to see family. I didn't bother asking as there was no point so i said            "i can't wait!" My parents looked at me in a strange way. "You don't know where we're going yet" My dad said, i tilted my head in confusion. "We're off to New York, Tomorrow!" My mum replied sounding VERY excited. My mouth dropped open "N...N...New York?!" I couldn't believe it! 

     I ran upstairs and started to pack straight away. What to bring? What to wear? Last year i had bought a cropped top with frills off the end from new look with towering buildings and 'New York' in fancy writing written over the front. I turned my whole wardrobe inside out digging for the top until i found it, i could just squeeze into it. it made me even more thrilled and eager to get to New York somehow. I text Meghan straight away and as she always does, replies straight away "omg! lucky!" i just smile even more and carry on packing my things for tomorrow, TOMORROW!


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