Are You Sure?

Alice is a normal teenager, she goes to school, hangs around with friends and crushes on boys but she thinks Joss in particular is the one for her. His girlfriend Tia loathes Alice but she doesn't know why? When Alice takes a holiday to England, everything she ever wanted happens; maybe she was wrong.


1. your leaving already?

      Hi, my name's called Alice and i am a normal, typical teenage girl just like all the rest. i may be a bit smarter than some but all the stupid things that my parents call me 'pretty' or 'sweet'  is totally wrong. So there's a girl at my school called Tia Roser. She was Popular, elegent and the worst of all, her boyfriend was my crush. Joss Lawrence. Ive had a crush on him for a long time but ever since i told him, Tia loathes me. I don't understand why? It might be the jealousy of the fact that he's my maths tutor (i don't need one it's just the fact that i get to be with him for an hour) or that she just doesn't want him coming over to me when they break up (i wish).   

    The next morning i woke up to the sound of my annoying Minnie Mouse alarm clock going off. I bought it when i was around 9 and still have no clue why i haven't got round to changing it. I threw myself out of bed and got ready for school. Finally, it was the last day of term. no more rubbish for 6 weeks. My phone went off, i picked it up and hoped to see a text message from Joss. No, it was Meghan, my best friend. It read: "i'll be round in 10". We walk to school together every day, we say it's our time to gossip and chat about boys.

                                                                                          *  *  *

When i got home from school i flung my bag across my bedroom and turned on my laptop. i had a Facebook message from Joss: "leaving to America guys! will see you all back at school." i frowned, i hoped to meet up with Joss over the next 6 weeks at least. i messaged him back "how long are you going for? xx" he replied straight away with "6 weeks!!!" i frowned even more. I just thought to myself that i would try not to think about him and let it pass through me. I took a deep breathe as my mum called me down to dinner.




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