Alice Cameron is a nineteen year old girl liked no other. After her life goes completely upside down due to her parents' death, Alice leaves. Instead she focuses on hunting the things no one else knows. Until she runs into a group along the way.
Supernatural and The Walking Dead


3. Greeting

Alice awoke inside a different motel. She was lying out flat on a bed with a thin blanket over her. There was no one in the room and she wondered again where she was. She went to get up but was stopped as her hands had been handcuffed to the top of the metal headboard. Alice screamed. "Hello?" she said out loud. 

Suddenly the door opened, and the blinds were opened to reveal a very very bright day. Alice grimaced from the light and looked up at the people who had entered. It was the four guys from before. Daryl, Rick and the other two she didn't know. "Are you alright?" Rick said. Alice nodded.

"Where am I?" she asked. 

Dean walked towards her. "I'm Dean, this is Sam. And you're in Aspen." He leaned down and unlocked the handcuffs. "Just a precaution."

He was stunning. Those green eyes and muscly body won over Alice's trust. 

"Why am I in Aspen with four men I don't know?" Alice asked.

Rick looked at Daryl. "I got you from the hospital, someone said about them trying to kill you or whatever with the leviathan so I saved you and then we saved you again..."

"From the truck," Alice finished.

Daryl nodded. "Whatever it is, almost got us killed."

He left, leaving Alice looking confused as to why he was mad or whatever at her. 

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