Alice Cameron is a nineteen year old girl liked no other. After her life goes completely upside down due to her parents' death, Alice leaves. Instead she focuses on hunting the things no one else knows. Until she runs into a group along the way.
Supernatural and The Walking Dead


1. Alice not in Wonderland.



My eyes flicked open as the memories from last night came rushing back. Oh God, what was I doing? Where was I? It has started off simply. I got a drink in the bar, alone. Then I somehow ended up attacking a stranger with my mouth and going back to his place. Is that where I am?

I got a bit shit faced to say the least, now I have no idea what happened as soon as we reached his house. All I know is I'm wearing nothing, lying next to someone I don't know. Five gold stars to me.

After silently peeling the covers off of myself, I walked towards the bathroom and turned on the light. It was a clean house, and it had lovely little soaps down by the sink shaped like stars. I used up a whole one to wash my hands and face. Then I stepped into the shower to freshen up. I also started panicking that I had lost my phone somewhere, but I had left it at home cautiously.

Upon exiting the bathroom MrWhoever was up, standing across the room facing away from me. "Hey," I said, looking down. So there were my clothes. He was also naked. "Good morning," he said. "Alice, right?"

I nodded. "I don't want to sound rude, but I can't remember your name."

"That's because I didn't tell you. But it's nice to see what you look like without beer goggles."

I laughed. And eventually I found out MrWhoever was Brad. Brad like football-captain-and-dick type of Brad,  a high school stereotypical Brad. But he was actually a pretty decent guy. Divorced, three years, twenty eight, no children, works as a music producer. "Well, I'm Alice, yes," I replied. "Nineteen, no children, not ever married, currently college."

"Ah," Brad said. "Now that we're up and sober-ish, wanna go for round two? Well probably more than that, actually."

I cocked my head to the said and pursed my lips. "Dude, you're way hot and all, but I should probably leave.

"So a one night stand? Very classy."

And with that I left, dressed of course. I made my way home on foot and rung the bell as the door was locked. The curtains shifted back and forth, and finally someone opened the door. It was my uncle. He had a look on his face that would scare anyone. "Where the fuck have you been!?" he yelled right in my face.

"I told you I was going out!!" I yelled straight back, passing him and walking towards the kitchen. I needed water so bad to cure this hangover. 

I looked around the room. "Where's mum and dad?" I asked.

My uncle pressed his hand to his chin and looked at me, a sudden change of heart coming across his face. "I tried to call...I.."

I was confused and slightly worried. "Paul, where's mum and dad?"

Then my auntie walked through the kitchen and ran right into my arms. "Alice.. where have you been?!" her face was tear-stained and patchy. 

"What's going on? Where are my parents?" I asked. My aunt looked at my uncle. "You didn't tell her?" she managed to mumble out.

And they told me. And I felt like I had been kicked from the inside of my chest. And I cried.

Both of my parents, mum and dad, had died earlier that morning. 

They were out looking for me when they were attacked. Something, someone, killed them at eight am. And it was all my fault.

We went to the hospital an hour later after I had calmed and recollected my thoughts. We were seen by doctors and nurses and a lot of other people I didn't take any notice of. I sat in silence with my brother, who wouldn't talk to me. I can tell what he's thinking, it's all my fault. 


It had been now two months. And I still felt dead inside. But I put on a smile and I let everything drown out when I was alone. Everyone believed I was okay. And I am no longer the little Alice Cameron everyone had to make sure was okay, I am not just a little girl. I left.

I left my home and I went out. Not for another lonely bar session or for another one night stand. I took my car and I drove, staying at motels. And then that one thing happened about six months back. I found a body. It wasn't like your usual heart attack scene or anything, no, this person had been bitten. By what or who, they had their entire neck bitten open. And this happened a few times, and I watched the news and I saw how people covered things up, and I knew. I knew there were more than just humans out there. It started with vampires, and now there are plenty of things out there that go bump in the night. People are scared but they are just to stupid to think. And I know that one of those things killed my parents and I wanted revenge. So I started hunting.

I would hunt every night, either luring people I had researched away and then killing them, or following them somewhere. I had my ways, I would kill every last one of them if it killed me. And now I know what killed my parents. After months of heavy research I found out every single kind of demon, or monster, that was out there. I was looking for a leviathan. Leviathans are God's creation or something, but they seem like they are from hell. They disguise themselves as humans, but they are far from it after their jaws are pulled backwards and their teeth are revealed. I can catch them out, just research a person, accidentally pour some Borax on them, or tap them with some metal and ta-da.

I had managed to find out that someone was ruling these things. The master, as such. He, and I knew it was a he, was somewhere in Aspen. All I needed to do was find him. But it had been at least two months since I had killed anything, and things were getting old fast.



Dean Winchester slammed the car door as he sat beside his brother, Sam. "This is bullshit. Two whole months and not another sign? If this thing really is out there, it's making itself very discreet," Dean said. 

Sam rolled his eyes and rubbed his forehead. "Dean, you know that this job has perks and sometimes it just doesn't," he said to his older brother.

Dean waved him on and started the car. "Where to?" he asked. "Aspen." Dean questioned why the hell were they going to Aspen and what was in Aspen and once again why were they going there. "Leviathan." 

"Look, leviathan are old news to me. I'm done with hunting the same old useless..." "The leader, Dean," Sam interrupted him. "Oh, well," Dean said. "We're going to Aspen."



Alice made her way to her parked car. She flicked the passenger door open and chucked her bag in, and then dropped herself in the other side. "To Aspen," she whispered under her breath. At first, Alice was thinking about how she would rather be at home, to see her brother or friends or... but the idea passed.

Alice started her engine and quickly did a U-turn out of the parking lot. She passed an old man and lady shouting at each other on the pavement and beeped the horn. The man swore at her as she smirked. 

Her outfit today was pretty much the same as every other day. Black skinny jeans, black cami, black leather jacket and these leather high boots that had seen better days. She fiddled with her charm bracelet as she continued driving. And for a split moment, Alice's eyes weren't on the road. The next thing she knew, Alice had collided with an oncoming Jeep. 



Jesus. What happened... I... The Jeep. Shit, my car must be totalled. 

I went to sit up, but a woman pressed her hand against me and told me to relax. She had long fingernails that were painted black and made me feel uneasy. "You had quite a bash," she whispered, injecting something into my drip. "What is that?" I asked. 

The woman paused. "Don't you worry about anything."

I could feel a blackness coming over me and once again I was unconscious. I tried to fight it but whatever that was had pretty much knocked me completely out. 

And then I was in a different room, there were people prodding me with their fingertips. I guessed they were helping or something. "What are you doing?" one said to another. "I'm taking her blood, I want to taste..." And then I felt a large pain shoot down my arm where the person, face covered with a mask, jammed a needle. They took it out and then pressed it into their mouth. I was about to vomit if I could move. I felt completely paralysed. 

"What..." I whispered. The woman from before came over to me, this time her eyes were a bright yellow colour and she seemed to have long, sharp teeth. Oh shit... Leviathan. "Don't worry, Alice, everything's going to be okay... Mr Roman will be very happy to see you...." Every person in that room was stabbing something into me at once, the pain was almost unbearable.

Once again, complete blackness

"Alice? Miss Cameron?" a voice in the room said. "Shit, Alice, is it you? Please say it's you..."

I was half awake, half out cold. My eyes wouldn't open but I could hear what was happening. It sounded like a guy, and right now he was shuffling and banging about. "Shit," he said. "Quiet, Rick..." "Okay, here. Yeah, okay, definitely Alice Cameron. Okay, Alice, I'm lifting you."

And then I blacked out. Again.



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