There Will Be Time [And Others]

Rubbish poems I wrote from when I was in Year 8 to now. I am aware they are all terrible, but it can't be helped!


1. There Will Be Time

There will be time.

There will be time to lay on the ground and stare
At the stars in wonder.
But also to lie amongst the stars and stare at the
Ground in wonder.


There will be time to ascend the stair.
Struck with defeat.
There will be time to descend the stair.
Holding the power of triumph.


There will be time for examinations.
For countless revisions and decisions.
To regret and to wish.
But to never give up.


There will be time to forget.
Forgot about the old in the chair,
The new in the basket,
The ordinary elsewhere.


There will be time to sympathise.
To let your heart pang,
With emotions of sorrow,
And to walk past without a care.


There will be time to raise the knife.
To let blood pour.
To let snow-white wings,
Spread on innocence’s back.


There will be time to love.
To let someone into your life,
And create a flower,
You will love forever.


Perhaps there will be time for machines,
To obtain incredible powers,
To bring back the lost,
The cruel, the innocent, the normal.


I stand alone whilst others walk by,
Ignored without a thought,
Just a few muttered comments,
About my hygiene and fashion.


For my life is only worth the penny sweets at the local store,
And the dust swept into the corner.
For why should my life be happy?
When someone else’s is miserable?


It is not the time,
To ask why I am unheeded,
And more why,
I should be noticed by the world.


How can we love without hate?
How can we kill but not create?
How do we know joy without pain?
How can know the sun without the rain?

For I am like a lump of coal,
Amongst sparkling bright jewels,
Dull, black, standing out,
But surrounded by those who are better.


And indeed there will be time,
For us to wonder what we could have changed.
Indeed there will be time,
For us to regret decisions we made.


But why change our appearance?
Our personalities and interests?
For just one mere opinion,
In this gigantic world?


There will be time.
There will be time.

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