There Will Be Time [And Others]

Rubbish poems I wrote from when I was in Year 8 to now. I am aware they are all terrible, but it can't be helped!


2. Modern Day Poem

It was a cold Friday night,
And Gracey sat alone,
Scrolling down her computer,
Staring at her phone.

Police sirens wailed,
But this she did hear not,
For all of her best friends were out drunk,
The stupid, lazy lot!

Pictures up on Facebook,
For all the world to see,
People spilling alcohol,
Faces drunk with glee.

Gracey went to get some coffee,
And one out-of-date iced bun,
She felt sick at the thought,
Of having so much fun.

What good were clubs and cocktails?
Dancing all night long,
Flirting with utter strangers,
And singing terrible songs?

Getting harassed by idiots,
Keeping your drink by your side,
Gracey would probably run,
And in a corner hide.

She hated the idea of love,
Or getting completely drunk,
Having to go back to a friend’s house,
And there she would need to bunk.

Clubs were far too scary,
With flashing coloured lights,
Weird boys giving her strange looks,
And offering to stay the night.

She would much rather never go,
And stay safe at home,
Where she could read by herself,
And stare quietly at her phone.



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