The Mask

Ester Bakers. Sounds like an ordinary name of a normal teenager just like you and me. She is like any other teenager in some ways- hates waking up, eats tons of junk and loves shopping. But she also has another side.

The side which is hidden under the cute smile and adorable brown locks. The side that can never be exposed or revealed to anyone at all costs. Broken inside from all the abuse and torture but needing to look like the perfect daughter. Desperately needing to be fixed.

What happens when it all just grows too much? When all the boundaries have been destroyed? When her life is close to an end? When all, she has is hope? When everything becomes a lie?

Liam Payne. A famous pop star. A boy with 4 best buds. He has it all fame, money, friends and happiness. Well, at least he thought he did. What happens when they meet? Will he care or will he leave her even more broken?

Join the love story or Esiam. Of two opposite people in opposite life situations. Can it work?


3. Chapter 3

Esters POV

 I was just making my way from the bar when typical me stepped in. I slipped on something and went crashing to the ground. Ok, this will be great- I can already see what it will be like with dad when I smash my head open or even worse for him break something. He would not care if I am ok, he would care if the image is okay. If the mask is still on.

Just inches away from the ground muscular arms caught me. First they support my weight under the shoulders, slowly sliding down to my lower back pushing me up again. The hands are big and warm, they are the type of hands you want to hold on till the end of the world. 

I looked at my saviour. Once our eyes meet my heart skips a beat. A lump in my through formed as I stare into these chocolate dark brown eyes. The eyes made my heart melt. A sweet puppy cute smile was planted on his face. I blinked just to realise this- my worst fears came true.


''How do you even dare, have their stupid face on my phone that I so kindly bought you!'' he screams at me. How is this even possible? Ouch, the belt hits me again and again. ''I bought it from my paper round money and it was no generous offer from you,''' I manage to spit. 

It is pointless; I am beaten till the unconsciousness takes over. It is all because of One Direction. Because off them my dad is a billionaire, because of them I  got beaten today. It is their fault.

End of Flashback 


It is Liam Payne, the boy who caught me. Oh shit. What am I supposed to do? I don’t like him or anything just that which boy catches you just because he can. He is the type of boy who would take a bullet for you. He is so different, Wait I am not supposed to think this. 

''Hey, watch your step there, no one would like to get such a beautiful face of yours scratched, '‘Liam says in a cute sassy flirty way. He winks. I am on my feet right now his hands still resting on the small of my back. ''Thank you so much even you saved me a lot of trouble since this ground does not seem too soft and willing to hold someone like me,'' I say and giggle.

We stare at each other in the eyes before I notice his hand still slight squeezing my back. He seems to notice my disapproval look and the awareness it gave this situation so he takes it off. I smile at him in appreciation. ''I am Liam, never met you before, but sure awesome seeing you here and being able to help you,'' He smiles and flirts slightly.

Hell no, he is flirting. If someone  even sees us talking I am dead but flirting, I can make my own grave by now. I start moving slowly towards the corner where I am less visible. He mimics my move eyeing me with confusion.  

It takes me a minute to realise he asked a question so I answer.'' I am Ester nice to meet you,'' I shake him hand. I am nervous because of the tons of people who could see us, but something very deep inside tells me it is not just that. ''Who are you with because I never saw you at this type of event and I go to them a lot,'' he asked. 

Ups, there comes a problem. I can’t tell him I his managers daughter. When they come to our house I am always looked up in my room while dad does not ever tell anyone he has a daughter. He is scared the boys or other people would like to meet me and he has a ''better future'' for me. 

''Hum, I just...'' I trail off. I shake a bit with nerves. What am I supposed to answer? Can't I tell the truth to him? Or can I? My eyes dart the room when I saw him staring at me. His cold blue eyes shooting daggers  through me. ''Got to go sorry,'' I gulp and make a run for the nearest exit. 

Liam’s POV

We just came inside when I saw her. In a flawless dress showing her slim figure perfectly. Her perfect blue eyes and her so kissable pink lips seemed to stand out from the crowd. I was just thinking of a way to go approach her but then she slipped. How perfect, like a fairytale. The prince catches his princess but what next. Gosh, in books it is easier. 


I chat with her normally. First of all she is so sweet and just herself but then something happens. Her facial expression changes, her eyes darken in terror. She cuts me off and runs. What was that for? I stood there with my number written on a piece of paper which I wanted to give to her. Too late.

''What’s up bro?'' Niall asks just then realizing my number on the piece of paper.'' Lilidoo got ignored, ‘Louis screams only making the boys laugh.'' Ooh, Payno losing the charm,'' Harry snickers. I am deeply embarrassed. Why did they need to turn up now? 

''Come on bro,'' Zayn sais hugging me around the shoulders. This is weird. The boys go on with their little Liam got dumped conversation but the only thing, I can think about, is Ester. I scan the room the same way she did only noticing our managers eyes (Mr. Baker) on us. He smiles warmly, but his eyes say something different. 

Then I notice it, his eyes are just so familiar. But who’s? I know I've seen then but where? I get pulled out of my little daydream when the moderator announces it is time to gather in the grand hall. Just as I am about to leave with the boys I notice a beautiful white purse on the floor. It is hers I know for sure. The perfume is the same. It is just hers I know it. I pick it up happily. Yes,  I will have another reason to talk to her.

As the wedding wears on with endless speeches about never-ending love I start to get bored so I flip the purse in my hands. I feel the soft texture imagining her hands tracing it. I like this girl, she is so cute and sweet but why is she so nervous?

Like a normal young person, I get very tempted to open the purse. Just a very tiny bit just to see inside it won't hurt? I can't help it and slide the zip open revealing an ID card. I look at it and all puzzle pieces start to slowly fit together. I turn the ID around looking at the address only confirming my guess.

 The ID of the girl I met is Ester Baker. The managers daughter. Now that I know her secret, the mask of the mystery cutie starts tearing to the floor...

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