The Mask

Ester Bakers. Sounds like an ordinary name of a normal teenager just like you and me. She is like any other teenager in some ways- hates waking up, eats tons of junk and loves shopping. But she also has another side.

The side which is hidden under the cute smile and adorable brown locks. The side that can never be exposed or revealed to anyone at all costs. Broken inside from all the abuse and torture but needing to look like the perfect daughter. Desperately needing to be fixed.

What happens when it all just grows too much? When all the boundaries have been destroyed? When her life is close to an end? When all, she has is hope? When everything becomes a lie?

Liam Payne. A famous pop star. A boy with 4 best buds. He has it all fame, money, friends and happiness. Well, at least he thought he did. What happens when they meet? Will he care or will he leave her even more broken?

Join the love story or Esiam. Of two opposite people in opposite life situations. Can it work?


1. Chapter 1

Ester's POV

The blanket was wrapped around my body  like a protective wall. It radiated with heat and sort of reminded me of comfort and love. It was the only thing that was left after my mother. My Mother. Oh, how much I miss her soft kiss and gentle hands...

It all because of them... The ones who ruined everything. Without them no pain would be. Without them my heart will sleep. I love the fuel to the flame that ruins everything.



She called the police, she wanted the help. Without them we would have been dead. They came and arrested him. Him the one who caused everything. The death of my infant sister, the one who chased away all my friends, the one who controlled everything and everyone. 

Everything seemed fine till that phone call... If it would not have been for them, the ending would have been magical but fairy tales don't happen in real life. In the blink of an eye, the sun turned into the moon, day turned into the night, happiness turned into sorrow and all because of them. 


Suddenly the door burst open revealing my worst fear. He stood there a mad look in his eye. In a split of a second, he approached towards me. I tried to scream, but no noise came out. This was it, this will be my end. I was going to die. 

Was this life worth losing? Was it worth to lose everything? How can I even lose everything is the question I ask myself? The everything is already lost. No hope for tomorrow. 

I protectively put my hands in front of me just to cause him to laugh sinisterly. Hot tears were rushing down from my eyes smudging all the makeup. With one swift motion, he took off his belt and with the other whipped mine. Again and again causing me to yell out in pain and hysteria. 

His belt always gave the most pain but left no marks behind. This time was different. This time when it landed on my fragile body it caused hot liquid to burst out. Blood slowly trailed down my body. I did not protest anymore. 

Then in a blur all want black and I passed out.

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