Maddy was a broken person all because of that one night but will she find someone who can fix her and fix her broken heart or will she end up alone again


6. wake me up

i woke up to find myself with Calum his tight grip as his smooth palms where wrapped tightly against my waist.Slowly i tried to move and get myself out he slowly woke up

"where u going"

"to the toilet Mr noesy"

"no morning kiss" i quickly pecked his lips and walked to the bathroom doing my business and leaving again when i came back in the room the boys were all awake

"how long was i gone for"

"5 minutes no big deal but i believe ur Aunt is expecting u back around now"

"oh shit" i looked at my phone

"um Cal can u drop me home please"

"of course" he dragged my hand and pulled me up the stairs i quickly yelled to the boys and said goodbye before i was pulled out the door

"Cal why r u walking so damn fast" i said out of breath

"cause ur aunt and my mum r friends and i know quite well and i don't want her to get up me cause i got u home late"

"ohhhhh someones scared of my aunt"

"not scared just don't want her to hate me cause then she will ban me from dating u"

"ohhh u really care that much"

"um of course" we hopped in the car and we started to drive once we reached my house i hopped out and motioned for Calum to do so too we walked to my door which was already unlocked and walked in my aunt in complete shock as Calum walked into our lounge.

"Calum what r u doing here?"

"oh hi Kate um i'm here to drop ur gorgeous niece off"

"so this is the boy u like ehhh" she said nudging my side

"perhaps um Cal come up stairs i will show u my room"

"no funny business keep the door open"

"keep the door open" i mimicked her

"don't sas me young lady"

"fine bye Kate" i walked into my room which stunk of the alcohol and cigarettes which i have ingested in here

''sorry for the smell and the cleanliness of this room wasn't expecting guests" he giggled

"it's all g u should see my room" my room never used to be this bad before everything happened i used to be normal and my room smelt like vanilla and was clean knowing exactly what was what in my cupboards but since the incident i let everything go my old room was painted a crisp white with random drawings i drew all over the walls with a bed a dresser and a window that had a daybed looking out to a beach but this room was painted black and the only window visible was a small stindgy one in the corner of my room with a loose grey curtain on it.

"what u thinking bout" Cal asked staring at me in confusion

"ohh just about my old room before this happened"

"u know what we could clean it and paint it if u want i will help 100%"

"omg yes thats an awesome idea we also need knew carpet might be a good idea seeing its probably stained"

"yeh and more happy colours"

"i know Kate has a spare room i should just ask to move in there it has a window like my old bedroom"

"go ask her i will help u move ur stuff if she says yes"

i ran down the stair and straight into my Aunt 

"hey can i have the other room i want that room now Cal will help me put my stuff in there"

"um sure sweetie ask Cal if he wants to stay for dinner cause my boss will be here for dinner"

"it's only 1:50 Kate dinners ages away but i will ask anyway"

i ran back up the stairs and ran into Calums arms hugging him tightly
" she said yes she said yes ohh um and do u wanna stay for dinner" i said looking up at him he smiled and kissed my nose

"of course i would"

"good cause her boss is coming and i don't wanna stay downstairs for too long then after that we can watch netflix and eat ice cream and u can stay over"

"ohhh u want me to stay over do u"  


"on one condition"

"whats that"

"kiss me"

"ewww no cooties"

"ohhhh come here" he chased me into the room i will now have the walls were a light shade of blue and the daybed much like my old room had a black pillow on it i picked it up throwing it in his face

"come on lets move my bed in here so i can sleep tonight"

"ok lets go" we put the bed in the room and by the time it was up Kates boss was 10 minutes away i quickly jumped into the shower did my makeup and chose something to wear choosing black and purple galaxy shorts, a black cropped top with a star in the middle and black beanie not bothering with shoes cause we were in the house 


i walked back to my room as i saw Calum laying on the bed on his phone i ran and jumped on him

"ouchhhhhhhh that hurt"

"what did i" i realised my elbow was in his crotch

"shit i'm so sorry"

"it's ok now i wanna see what ur wearing stand up and give me a twirl" i got up and did as i was instructed twirling three times before falling over Cal offered me his arm but i pulled him down beside me

"hahaahahha u made me dizzy and i fell so u need to come down too"

"fair enough" he turned arounded so he was facing me and i did the same at this point he grabbed my waist and started tickling me

"ahhhhh stop it tickles"

"nope never" he giggled

"what if i do this" i smashed my lips on his and he let go of his tickle before i sprinted down the hallway 

"CATCH ME IF U CAN" i yelled before running down the stairs as i got to the bottom i saw my Aunts boss and i freaked as i heard Cal run down the hall screaming "I WILL GET U SWEET CHEEKS" i mentally face palmed and laughed at the same time as he ran down picking me up the releasing  my Aunts boss was here

"um hi i'm Maddy thats Calum um my" Calum interuped

"Boyriend i'm Maddy's boyfriend"

"well this is the first i have heard of this Calum may i speak to u for a second" i said pulling him into the kitchen

"since when r u my boyfriend"

"Maddy Farmer will u be my girlfriend"

"of course i will u goof"

"since then"

"u cheeky lil shit i will get u for that"

"i know i'm just happy i get to call u mine"

"i'm happy i get to call u mine to" with that i kissed his cheek and walked back in the room reintroducing myself and Calum

"hello i'm Maddy Farmer and this is Calum Hood he is my boyfriend"

"hello there i'm Vincent Homann"

"hi sir" Calum said reaching for his hand

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