Maddy was a broken person all because of that one night but will she find someone who can fix her and fix her broken heart or will she end up alone again


9. The Meeting

when I woke up Calum wasn't there so I sent him a text got up and got ready for the day throwing on a 'born for trouble' grey t-shirt a pair of charcoal stud shorts a red bandana and black vans.

 I walked down stairs and grabbed my black penny board deciding for the first time in forever I would actually take a ride I walked out the front door and road down the cobble stone pathway straight to the park Calum showed me sitting on the green bench. I pulled my phone out of my pocket and realised I had been riding for over an hour and should probably go back home I skated down the path before tripping over twisting my ankle. oh shit that fucking hurts. I stood up limping on my sore ankle quickly pulling my phone out calling Kate


Kate: sweetie where r u??

Me: um I sprained my ankle and it fucking hurts and im at the park near the school can u come get me

Kate: sure be there in 5

Me: ok thanks Kate


the phone call ended and soon enough Kate picked me up

"sweetie u need to be more careful"

"yes I know but shit this hurts"

"yeh I will get u ice at home Zeke will be there soon"

"oh really Kate can I not just meet him like at school"

"no he's coming over"

"fine then" I shrugged my shoulders coming close to the house

finally when we arrived I walked in throwing my penny board half way across the room limping over to the couch throwing all my body weight straight onto the couch

"ouch Kate when r they going to be here" I yelled and no moment sooner the door bell rang


"I will get it" Kate yelled

"thank god cause I'm having problems taking this shoe off" my foot was now turning purple and completely swollen

the door opened and he walked through the wooden frame a blonde, blue eyed boy around my height maybe taller stood in front of me finally I noticed so was Kate's boss as he cleared his throat to speak I kept looking at his appearance he wore black skinny jeans and a white button up shirt much like Luke but seemingly more muscly.

"um hi I'm Zeke u must be Maddy"

"hey um yeh I'm Maddy"

I walked back and planted my butt on the chair motioning him to do so as well

I quickly sent Cal a text

To Cal: he arrived

From Cal: is he hotter than me

To Cal: OMG yes he's blonde blue eyed great body so hot

From Cal: oh really

To Cal: I'm just joking he's ok I guess a bit quite actually plus I luv u"

From Cal: I luv u too bub

To Cal: why do u call me that I'm not a baby

From Cal: ur my baby. I gtg babe boys bugging me to get off my phone

To Cal: ok babe luv u bye

From Cal: luv u too

I decided I should stop ignoring the fact that a boy was sitting opposite to me on the arm chair and talk to him

"so u coming to my school"

'yep start Monday"

ever since I started that conversation all we have done is gotten to know each other we talked about bands, music, school, Netflix and food and I had set my PlayStation up so we were playing FIFA . My phone began to buzz and a familiar Sam Smith tune began to ring cheaking my phone I realised it was Calum and excused myself

"I will be right back it's just my boy friend on the phone"

"kk cool" he continued to play FIFA as I picked the phone up


Calum- "band practice finished early"

Me-"r u gonna come over cause dinners like 30 minutes away were having pizza"

Calum- " yep I'm 5 minutes away"

Me- "yayaya see u soon luv u"

Calum- "luv u too bye"

Me- "bye"

I walked back to the couch and picked up the controller

"hey um my boyfriends coming over her goes to the school too"

"that's cool I might actually have a guy friend"

"yeh he's the best so r his band mates he will be here in like 5 minutes probably like 2 now actually"

"that's awesome um what's his name"

''oh his name is Calum, Calum Hood"

before Zeke had the chance to reply the door bell rang


"come in Cal I'm in the lounge room" he raced into the room picked me up spinning me around before kissing me passionately

"I missed u so much" he said putting me back on the ground

"me too" I noticed a bandage under his collar bone

"what the hell happened Cal"

"um I got something done take the bandage off"

I slowly removed the bandage revealing a tattoo

"u didn't did u this is fake" running my fingers across the ink

"no it's 100% real and permanent"

"what does MMXII mean"

"2012 the year our band was formed"

"oh bub so cute"

"hey that's my nickname for u and I am not cute I'm punk rock"

suddenly I remembered Zeke was there

"um Cal that's Zeke Kate's bosses son

"hey mate I'm Calum"

''hi I'm Zeke"

"so Zeke u have been hanging with my girl all afternoon"

"um yeh"

"if u touch her u realise ur face will no longer be a face" I slapped his chest and looked at him sternly

"Cal give it a rest he won't try anything"

"I'm just warning him is all"

"ok well I won't try anything thing just friends I just got out of a messy break up any way"

"oh sorry to hear bro" Calum said to Zeke comfortingly

"ok well um I think pizzas nearly here"

"oh good um I kinda told the boys they could come over but if it's not ok then I will tell them just to go to Lukes"

"nahhh that's good Zeke can meet them then we can all hang at school Monday then"

"good idea well they will be here in 5"
''yay I miss them"

"im sure they miss u too bubby"

"again with the nickname"

"forever and always" he pressed a kiss on my head embracing me in a hug



"Luke, Ash, Mikey were in the lounge" I was calmly nuzzled tightly in Calum's grip watching some alien movie before the three musketeers ran through the lounge attaching me and Cal on the couch


"I missed u idiots to it's been 2 days"

"guys can I have my girlfriend back" Calum grumply asked me

"have u told her the news Cal"

"not yet"

"tell her if u don't we will" the boys all said

"the youtube videos we have been uploading like every week for a year now well Louis Tomlinson from One Direction saw them and they need an opening act for there tour and offered us the opportunity so were going on tour with 1D in 3 weeks"

"ohh congrats" I said all most in tears

"why u crying baby"

"ur leaving me" I stomped off and up the stairs locking the door to my room picking up a sweater of Calum's that was lying on my floor smelling it my lungs were engulfed in his sent I began to cry and soon enough there was a knock on my door followed by a key being shoved in my door hole and my door flung open revealing a smiley Calum

"ur coming with us babe"

"I I'm I'm what" I barely stuttered because of my crying

"your coming on tour with us I found out when I first asked u out I asked Kate and she said it was fine u didn't think I would leave u did u???"

"there r so many way prettier girls u could be with so yeh I thought u were gonna leave me"

"I would never leave u bub I luv u so so so much to much to let u go soo u better go pack ur bags"

"okkkk um is Zeke still down stairs"

"nope him and the boys left and I'm gonna stay so go get ur bags and just remember u have to pack for 6 months"

"shit 6 months I don't think I have that many pairs of clothes"

"that's fine we can buy more clothes on the road"

"yay more shopping" I said sarcastically I hated shopping with a passion

"also may I ask babe what happened to ur ankle"

"oh shit forgot about that um I was riding my penny board and fell off it might be sprained"

"babe no skating without me from now on u might get hit by a car wheres ur board"

"down stairs near the door why"

"we need to take it with us"

"where are we going on tour anyway"

"America, England, all of Europe and we even have shows here right in the middle of Sydney Australia"

"holy crap well r we gonna have a bus and what about sound cheak oh and will I meet the boys what will be happening with like the news and radio and everything"

"well Idk actually I'm really excited tho I hope we can have a really good start because of this"

"I hope so but if u don't want me to go I won't"

"I want u to go babe" he said walking over to my closet


we finally packed me completely up and we were finally relaxing on my bed we exchanged kisses and I couldn't be more happy slowly I fell asleep and when I woke Calum wasn't there I raced down the stairs where Calum was cooking in the kitchen

"what r u doing"

"cooking u breakie"

"ohhhhhhhh that's sweet"

"yeh I know um babe we r leaving tomorrow instead of in 3 weeks our manager just called"

"good thing we packed my bags last night other wise we would be packing all day"

"ikr good luck we had um I want to take u out to dinner tommrow and then in the morning and uber will come pick me and u up from here so we go to the airport we meet the guys there and then we fly to England"

"seems good well u know u need to leave then if we have dinner cause I have to get ready and that's gonna take all day so u can leave after breakie please"

"oh I wanted to spend the day with u"

"but u can't spend all day and night with me greedy I have to hang with Kate cause I'm leaving her for 6 months so I will hang with her today and go to dinner with u tonight"

"fine baby breakies ready" we ate our breakfast then Cal left






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