Maddy was a broken person all because of that one night but will she find someone who can fix her and fix her broken heart or will she end up alone again


2. park

Calum led me to D block and we took our seats in the music room Calum sat next to me and then after that cass we both had a free period so we sat and talked most of the time my anxiety was starting to act up again and i was freaking out worring what Calum will think.

"um Maddy u ok"

"um no no i'm not do u have any water"

"yeh um in my bag" he unzipped his bag and handed me the bottle i pulled the pills out of my bag and took them now i have to explain.

'' um Calum i have really bad anxiety"

"ohh Maddy why actually u don't have to tell me it's up to u"

"um well my parents and my brother were murdered and i was hiding and didn't help it's all my fault"

"don't blame urself" he said rubbing my back as i began to cry he pulled me into a bear hug before surveying my wrists 

"why did u do it"

"there old i did them about 6 months ago after what happened"

"promise me u won't do it again" he said rubbing the scars

"Cal i have know u for almost 2 hours and already ur making me promise things i can't believe i even told u"

"Maddy i'm sorry i'm being stupid but i don't want to lose anyone because of depression"

"Calum i'm sorry too i didn't want to go off at u but i am a broken person and probably always will be so please don't become attached to me because i will jut end up hurting u"

"no u won't u couldn't "

"Calum i'm bad news ur popular and cute and charming and seemingly funny"

"u think i'm cute"

"thats besides the point i will just bring u down i don't u too be a loser like me''

"come with me" he put his hand out and i grabbed it

''where r we going"

"its a secret but i hope u know we will be leaving school for a while just the rest of this period tho"

"um thank god for that hey do u mind" i pulled a cigarette out of my pocket yeh i smoke it's another way i cope and yeh i know its bad but i need something.
"u smoke"

"that i do but not much"

"well u shouldn't smoke it's bad for u"

"yeh well it helps me cope so do u mind"

"yes please don't smoke" i raised the smoke to my mouth and stuck it between my chapped lips

"why do u care anyway u barely know me"

"because even tho i just met u i dont wanna see u hurt not now not ever ok so u need to listen to me" he pulled the cigarette from between my lips and threw it on the concrete

"hey that was my last one" he pressed his foot on it and squished it into the concrete 

"lets go i have something to show u" he walked me out of the school gates and down the road

"so Calum did u ask ur friend the question or did my mental breakdown inflict it"

"no i asked them"

"what was it"

"um don't worry it's not important"

"ok so um where r we going"

"remember like 10 minutes ago i told u it was a surprise it's still a surprise" he almost growled at me 

"ok no need to get grumpy" i said under my breath 

"i wasn't its just the tone of my voice sounds loud i'm sorry plus i don't wanna get caught"

"it doesn't matter if we get caught tho ur coming down with me so don't even bother to run"

"fair enough" he muttered

we kept walking

"close ur eyes"


"cause it's a surprise"

"but what if i trip over"

"u won't i will even hold ur hand if it helps"

"um yeh sure" Calum gripped onto my hand as i covered my eyes with my hands

"r we there yet" 

"yep open ur eyes" i uncovered my eyes and broke my hand away from Calum's

"a park" i said stunned he bought me to a park i wagged school for a park

"yeh i know lame but i really like to write here"

"what do u write"

"songs" he gazed to a green park bench which had coloured graffiti on it 

"do u wanna sit or do u wanna walk back to school"

"um well next period starts in like 10 minutes which means we will have enough time to get back and get to class" 

"true but u still up to hang out this afternoon"
"edgar r we and no i really shouldn't i mean all i wanted was to tell u why i was being so weird so maybe another time plus my aunt Kate will probably say no"

"ur aunts names Kate"

"yep Kate Farmer is my aunt and my dads sister"

"i know her she's one of my mums best friends''

"really thats so cool"

"she luvs me she used to babysit me and Mali when we were younger"

"Mali?" i question maybe Mali was his cousin his sister or she could be his girlfriend and without thinking i opened my mouth

"is Mali ur girlfriend"

"omg no that is so gross that would class as insest omg Mali is my sister"

"oh ok i just thought"

"no no i don't have a girlfriend but i like someone"

great now i don't think i'll ever get a chance thats when i felt like i couldn't breath and felt faint really agian twice today great mental break down two for today

'' u alright Maddy"

"um noo i need to um i feel faint and i need to sit i need my aunt"

"Maddy sit down its ok" he engulfed me in a tight hug and kissed my forehead

"it's ok Maddy u will be alright" i felt better but i started crying i felt so stupid

"Calum i'm gonna call my aunt and go home i'm an idiot please don't try come over don't text and i won't be back to school it's easier that way i won't hurt u and u can go back to normal" i started running how did he calm me down no one could not even my aunt and she was the closest thing i had too family but he did.

"Maddy wait" i heard Calum scream running quickly grabbing my wrist spinning me around

"Maddy ur the girl i like" his face was super close till he pressed his lips on mine

"Calum please i will only hurt u"

"so rip my heart out Maddy cause i don't want those other sluts who hit on me i want u Maddy and i know we have only  just met but i'm falling for u will u please come on a date with me please"

"of course and i like u as well" i kissed his cheek and walked back to school holding each others hands 

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