Maddy was a broken person all because of that one night but will she find someone who can fix her and fix her broken heart or will she end up alone again


8. kisses

After the awkwardness of this mornings events I got dressed and headed down stairs to get breakfast where I was kindly greeted by my Aunty

"U didn't keep ur door open last night"

"Nothing happened Kate I fell asleep about 10 minutes after we got upstairs and Calum is just about to come down stairs he is just on the phone to his mum"

"Ok sweetie I think my boss is fond of u and tommorow u will meet his son Zeke at dinner"

" um ok can I invite Calum pretty please pretty pretty please"

"He is basically like a puppy dog following u around"

"He's not I want him there please Kate"

"Fine but Zeke will be going to ur school so u must at least have a conversation with him please"

"Ok then I will ask Cal if he wants to stay"

I walked to the base of the stairs and watched as Calum ran down picking me up and spinning me around

"Hey baby what u doing"

"Just talking to Kate about this guy Zeke who's coming over tommorow "

"Ok then"

"I don't want to talk to him please stay with me"

"I can't I have band practice I would luv to but I can't of he try's anything on u call me bubby I promise I will keep u safe"

"Ok then can we cuddle all day"

"Of course I will stay tonight if u want"

"Yes please I don't wanna sleep alone"

"Ok then babe I have to leave early in the morning tho"

"That's fine u can leave "

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