Maddy was a broken person all because of that one night but will she find someone who can fix her and fix her broken heart or will she end up alone again


10. dinner dates

After Cal left i embarked on my mission to find an outfit to wear flicking through my closet finally deciding on a mid thigh black dress and black heels i also had a devious plan which i needed Mikeys help with so i quickly pulled my phone of the bed giving him a call


Mike: whats up Maddy

Me: i wanna dye my hair

Mike: ohhhhh u want my help seeing its my area of expertese

Me: why would i call u other wise

Mike: ouch someones nasty today

Me: no just wanna hurry this up

Mike: colour ideas

Me: blue

Mike: ohhhh Cal luvs blue

Me: i am aware

Mike: be right there i will stop by the hairdresser to get the colour

Me: oh and u might want some anti balding cream too Mike

Mike: im far from bald bish

Me: hahaha yep Mikey hurry up Cals gonna pick me up at 3pm

Mike: mikerowave to the rescue

Me: bye Mike

Mike: bye

I set my hair down and brushed out all the knots in my brunette/black hair before Mike arrived bleaching my hair and putting a light blue mix in my hair for 30 minutes before i wash it out and Mike adds the dark blue to my roots keeping that in for another 30 minutes after he washed it out he left and reminded me i had to get to the airport tommrow early and the uber was picking us up before realising i still had 3 1/2 hours till Calum came to pick me up. Phase two of my plan comenced as i strutted out my front door with my car keys heading to the tattoo parlour as i arrived i realised it wasnt busy at all and that what i wanted down would be relativly quick i stood at the front counter and waited for the tattoo artist to come to the counter

"Hi missy what can i get u today"

"I want snake bites and a tattoo of a infinity symbol"

"Ohhhhh nice choice i like the hair btw"

"Yeh i hope my bf does" i said trying to get the procese to quicken up

I was layed on the bed and the tattooist pulled two needles out as well as a tattoo gun

"Black ink and what colour peircing studs do u want"

"Black to please"

He pulled my lip out marked the line and got one side of the peircing done which didnt hurt then he did the other side before getting to the tattoo the infinity symbol had a date plastered underneith it 25.01.96 Calums birthday and also Kates she has been there for ever since my parents died before that when my mum was an ice addict and my dad was in jail and when my brother broke his back in a hockey accident Kate has been my rock

I drove home and got ready for my date looking in the mirror at my new apperence the new me it was weird i think the hair doesnt match me and eventually i re dye it to a black colour about 2 hours before Cal arrived re choosing my dress changing it to a bright red one keeping the same heels


"Dont wait up kate im going out with Cal"

I walked out the door and Cal looked at my apperance

"Holy shit Maddy i like it wait whats this" he said pulling at the bandage on my wrist

"I got something done to" he placed his soft palm on my wrist and pulled the bandage up

"My birthday thats fucking beautiful and the infinity"

"Its kates birthday too actually"

"Oh yeh of course" he kissed the tattoo before pulling me into a hug and kissing my lips catching his tounge on my peircing bar

"Gonna take some getting used to"

"Hahahah thats for u it doesnt hurt or anything"

" i remember when Luke got his done he cried like a baby"

"It didnt even hurt"

"Shall we"

"I think we shall"

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