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"in the land of gods, I was an angle. Living in the garden of evil."

©copyright of eat.sleep.fart 2015. All rights reserved.

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Blood. Blood everywhere. Oh god it feels so good.

Watching him gasp for air as I was repeatedly stabbing him in his chest.

Watching him squirm around in his own pool of blood, while some of it getting on my face.

This is what he deserves, I hate him. I hate him for ruining my childhood.

I hate him for killing my mother, and killing my spirit along the way.

He was all I had left, all this anger i felt towards him is now released. Dear lord it feels good.

I'm finally doing it. I, Harry Styles am finally killing my own father.

He suddenly stops squirming around, and stops gasping for air. I watch as his eyes turn at the back of his head.

I was once a kid who had light in my eyes. A kid who loved his mummy and his daddy. A kid who had hopes and dreams.

But I'm no longer that kid. No that kid disappeared years ago and now all that's left is a killer.

Saying or even thinking of the word light sounded so foreign to me.

I get up and stare at the lifeless body on the floor. It was his turn to suffer. So he did.

I grabbed all of my stuff in a matter of minutes and wiped all of the blood off my face.

I walked down stairs and grabbed my pack of cigarettes, and a lighter.

I closed the front door and lit the cancer stick. I put it between my lips and Inhaled.

I soon finished it and once I did I threw it on our electricity cable.

Sparks flying everywhere, cracking noises coming from every direction and soon enough the house was on fire.

He was gone, my mum was gone, I was gone.

Hey guys! So I'm back I've had a major writers block for about what 1 year now maybe, anyways I'm back now and through the time I've taken off I've matured with my writing thank you for being patient.

Love you broskies- xx

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