Just A Dream

You're so out of reach.~
I'm just... JUST... a fan. Nothing more, nothing less. But those words literally breaks my heart.
I don't believe in fairytales, but I think now, I do.~


1. Chapter 1

This story is purely fictional. Any resemblance to a plot, names, places and events is just coincidental. There might be grammatical and spelling errors, so I'm very sorry for that.

Wattpad: @misfritty (Tagalog works only)

Shane's Point of View

"But mom, please, I badly need tickets for their concert." I pleaded to my mom.

"I'm so sorry honey, the concert is on a school day, you can't absent for that and those VIP tickets with backstage access are pretty expensive, we don't have that much money." She replied, looking really sorry.

"Okay then." After I replied, I just went to my room.

Why can't I just be rich enough to buy everything that I want? Why can't I be rich to buy Luke? Ohmygod! What am I saying? Well... He's my bae!

Anyways, 'bout that concert... I feel pretty... No. Not pretty... I feel horrible! That's the first (and I hope so, not the last) time they went to our neighborhood.

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