Summer Love - EP fanfiction

I met him on vacation. He's perfect. But i'll never see him again in my life.

She thought wrong.

Paul Zimmer- himself
Danny Edge- himself
Sandra Kubicka- Laynie Pottorff
*all other youtubers are themselves*


2. •chapter 1•

*last day of school*

Laynie's P.O.V

"Fiji is gonna be so fricken fun." I smiled sitting my tray down by my best friend Ricky.

"I cant wait. Its gonna be amazing. I also cant wait for the suprise Sam has for you. Your gonna love it. I know you will." He smirked.

"Oh I cant wait for that either." I giggled.

"Im just nervous for the plane ride. You know me and heights." Ricky said putting his hands on his cheeks.

"You'll be fine. I rode a plane when we went to Hawaii last summer. Its not as bad as it sounds." I said taking a bite of my chicken sandwhich.

"Atleast we get good food. I cant wait to get rid of this awful school food for the whole summer." Ricky laughed.

"Hey lil sis." Sam said plopping down beside me.

"Hey Sams lil sis." Kian smiled sitting across from me.

"Hi Sams best friend. Never met before but hi." I laughed.

"Well im Kian. Nice to meet you." He said sticking put his hand waiting for me to shake it.

I did and I took another bite of my sandwhich.

"So, you guys excited for Fiji?" Sam asked stuffing his face with a hamburger.

"Yes. Im so excited. Im literally willing to swim there right now." Kian laughed.

"Same." I smiled.

*after lunch*

"Two more periods untill were out. Then a couple hours then we'll be on the plane." Kian reminded me.

"Yeah. Thanks. But i'll have to be with you. What a bummer?" I giggled.

"Oh you know you cant wait. Hey, what if your stuck with me on the plane?" He giggled plopping next to me.

"My worst nightmare hun." I laughed.

"Hun? We just met and your already at the cute nickname stage with me? Dont worry babe, its cute." He smirked.

"Yeah yeah." I rolled my eyes.

"Ok class. This periods gonna be free time since its the last day of school and I dont feel like deeling with you. Just dont get too loud." The teacher said.

"Wow." I breathed.

"So, lets get to know eachother. Since we are going to Fiji with eachother for like a month." He said turning towards me.

"What do you want to know?" I asked turning to face him.

*after school*

"Just a couple more hours babe." Kian said as we walked out of school together.

"Babe? Whats this whole babe thing?" Sam asked being that obvious over protective brother.

"Oh nothing. You wouldnt get it." I laughed.

"Alright. So you and Ricky are staying over tonight right?" Sam asked.

"Yes." Kian and Ricky said at the same time.

"Alright. See you guys at our house in two hours." I smiled getting into Sam's car.

Yeah, I have my own car but Sam takes me to and from school. He's really protective over me and my safety.

After a while, we pulled in our house. A very familiar carw as parked in the driveway. Shawn's car.

I jumped out and tapped on the window.

"LAYNIE!" He squealed hopping out and hugging me.

"SHAWN!" I smiled.

He followed us in.

"I have very imprtant news." He said sitting down on the couch.

"What?" I asked stretching out on the couch with my head layed on his lap.

"You'll learn tommorow morning." He smiled as he started to play with my hair.

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