My favourite (fnaf fanfiction)

Mike's POV: I know, I know, animatronics after 12 are meant to be evil right? Wrong. There's this one animatronic... Lee, she's really nice and tries to PROTECT me. I don't know why but I have a feeling I'm going to find out
Lee's POV: another lonely day locked in the supply closet, another hopeful night protecting him.. I can't wait until I can see that night guard again~


2. You're new, huh?

Lee's POV

'Another long boring day in the supply closet. Argh. The boss says that I'm not allowed to go out and entertain the children yet, I need some "fixing". I don't need anything but to be set free. This room is so... Boring!!' I think to myself, sitting on a bench out of sight of the new camera in the supply closet 'I can't believe I can only come out past 12... And even then I'm limited to only small areas of the pizzeria!' I look at a clock I asked to have put in to see its 11:59 'cool. Almost time to meet that new night guard.' The others were still in their spots, Freddy, Bonnie and Chica on stage and Foxy in Pirate Cove, the old "out of order" sign still sitting in front of the curtain.

"CHING CHING CHING CHING CHING!" The alarm to signal it's 12 chimed as I heard the front door fly open with a BANG and someone, presumably one single adult that was the new night guard, walked to the office quickly.

"Crap crap crap" I could hear a man say outside the door as they walked "I'm late on my first day" yep. Defiantly the new night guard. I get up from my spot where I had been sitting for hours with a light screech as my metal body stands suddenly.

The night guard had already gotten to the office as I got up. I shake my stiff arms, legs and bushy tail around making a few more light screech sounds and I walk in sight of the camera, looking into it with kindness in my red-pupil eyes waiting for the night guard to check on the supply closet.

The camera light goes on signalling he has seen me on the tablet. A panicked "oh god!" Comes from the office. I smile and wave to the camera. I can tell the guard is confused from seeing a animatronic that he was never told about waving to him.

All of a sudden the camera goes off, and I walk to the door between me and the halls. I open the door silently and step out of it, close it behind me and walk unsteadily towards the office.

He's panicking. I can tell. I silently sigh to myself as I walk, unknowingly out of view of the cameras. I finally get to the office and stand in the doorway. The night guard doesn't notice me seeing as he's searching for me on the tablet.

"You're new, huh?" I ask, making him drop the tablet in fear.

I walk in before he can close the door and eye him down.

"Wh-wha-at d-do y-you wa-ant..?" He asks, stuttering from fear "pl-lea-se d-don-n't k-ki-il-ll m-me!!"

I chuckle quietly. "Don't worry, I'm not going to hurt you Mr..?"

"Sch-Schmidt.. M-mike Schmidt.."

I smile kindly, in attempt to calm him down "Well Mike, it's nice to meet you! I'm Lee the Hyena, but you can just call me Lee"

He smiles weakly, trembling, still scared "h-hi Lee.. And y-yes.. I a-am ne-ew.."

I walk over to the desk and look down at him smiling. "In that case, I'm going to help you out! Don't want my new friend getting taken away now do we?"

Mike's POV

'Help me out? This thing wants to help me?' I hesitantly nod and go back to searching through the cameras, still trembling uncontrollably, after I pick up the tablet again.

~Le time of Le skip~

It's 3:57 am, Lee's stayed here the entire time and no other animatronic has moved from their place. I felt like I knew this hyena thing, she seems familiar. I shrug off the feeling and continue working. Lee would occasionally strike up a conversation.

"So why did you start working here?" She asked. I didn't want to answer so I lied.

"I needed the money and no one else would take me." The truth is that yes, I did need the money but also I have hazed memories of this place. This hell hole was once my childhood safe haven, that is, until Foxy.. I frowned trying to get the memory out of my head, Lee noticed and started to hug me. Her long, gentle, fur covered arms wrapped around my shoulders. She was much taller than me, around 7"11 foot tall and her dirty fur, claws and face showed that she was pretty old and unused. I stood there awkwardly allowing her to hug me but not hugging back.

"It's alright Mikey. I know what happened.." She said calmly. 'Wait she knows?!'

"U-uh.. What are you talking about?" I said nervously, trying to push her away.

"That" she said pointing at the top of my head. I felt tears stinging my eyes and she obviously saw them, causing her to hug me again. "You don't remember me, do you?" She said, sadness in her robotic voice.

I hugged her back and mumbled into her suit "no.. Well yes but.."

She pat me gently on the back. "I was there. Remember? Before he bit you. I was playing with you until you ran off to talk to him. I was so worried..." By that point I was crying into her fur, hugging back tightly. "But it's okay now. You're back. I can play with you again!" She said cheerfully, but sadness still nipping at her voice.

"Y-yeah.." I replied, tears still leaking from my eyes.

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