My favourite (fnaf fanfiction)

Mike's POV: I know, I know, animatronics after 12 are meant to be evil right? Wrong. There's this one animatronic... Lee, she's really nice and tries to PROTECT me. I don't know why but I have a feeling I'm going to find out
Lee's POV: another lonely day locked in the supply closet, another hopeful night protecting him.. I can't wait until I can see that night guard again~


1. Lee's story

This is not the start of the fanfic, it's just so you all know Lee's backstory. Enjoy!

Lee Olivia Lapris was born 20th of August, ????, to Lily Lapris and Anthony Lapris. Anthony -her father- would beat her and her mother until they could take no more and was a very aggressive person, when Lee was 4 her father was driving in the car with her mother in the front passenger seat, her father being angry at them for no reason all the time swerved the car and it ran straight into the side of a building, killing Anthony and Lily but only giving Lee brain damage and putting her in a coma, Lee had no other family but her mother and father so when she woke up and stayed in hospital for a while they shipped her off to an orphanage which happened to be near Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria. On her 7th birthday the people of the orphanage were kind enough to take her to the pizzeria for her birthday party. She had been having the most fun had since birth until a random parent started talking to her and asked where her family was. Having the traumatic experience only a few years before she burst into tears, attracting Vincent's attention, and started yelling out "I wish I was dead like my family so I could see them again" and such. Vincent 10-20 minutes later took Lee backstage to meet someone "special" that was a unused hyena animatronic suit. In front of some others the purple man stabbed Lee many times in the stomach, slowly killing her then in the chest, stabbing her in the lungs and letting her dead body drop to the ground. A while after that(only Vincent knows how long) Lee woke up again, but not as her human self. She was in the supply closet sitting on a bench in the corner that was out of view of the camera. When Lee got stable enough she went outside to find it was night and some other animatronics were walking around the halls. They took her in and let her be apart of the gang. The next year on her 8th birthday Lee started to act funny, bad funny, and started scaring people. At 12 pm exactly she tried to stab a child in the stomach with her claws as Vincent did to her with the knife, but just missing the vital organs, leaving the child alive and causing the pizzeria to be empty for days. For no parent wanted their child hurt by me or the others. One of them got so angry at Lee they beat her like her father would and threw her into the supply closet, locking the door behind them. Lee spent five years trapped in the supply closet, in that time learning how the animatronic suits work by destroying then rebuilding the suits, and by fixing the parts that were broken on herself. Then on the fifth year someone needed to get into the supply closet so they broke the lock only to find the now insane Lee the Hyena, also known as the Spotty Killer by some parents that remembered me. After that Lee concealed the fact she was insane for as long as possible but if occasionally came out, along with her soul which likes to take over and hurt people. Over time her insanity got worse and voices talked to her constantly and her mind became sick and twisted, loosing all of her nice memories of the past and leaving the bad ones. Wanting revenge on the people who locked her away she swore she'd kill them slowly and painfully then eat them, loving the taste of flesh and robotic parts. Lee ended up being able to control the soul most the time so she started to hang around with living creatures again, mainly taking care of the night guards and other employees and some children.

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