💏Ashton 2💏



1. ill find u 🔫

Ashton:*runs* y/n!!!!!!!!! Where are u!?! Give me a sign leave tracks something!!!! Y/n!!!! Y/n: Ashton!!!!! Guy1: shut up🔫 or I'll blow ur brains out! Ashton: y/n!!!!!! Y/n: wait!! What do you want so bad!!! Guy1: Shut up!!!!!*puts gun to head*. Ashton: y/n!!! *looks at footprints*.oh there you are. Y/n : *bites hand*. Ashton:y/n!!where r u!!?!? Y/n:*runs into ashton*. Ashton: y/n!! *grabs arm* let's go I'm not letting u outta my site again!

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