Don't close your eyes

Their I was after my accident in a hospital bed fighting for my life in a coma when Liam came over to me. "Please wake up....soon..." I wanted to talk to him to tell him I was trying but I couldn't. A little while later something happened and the last words I remembered where "DON'T CLOSE YOUR EYES..."


16. Zayn's vist

Zayn's pov:

Day 3

I walked into the hospital really shaky as I walked up to the front desk. A really kind nurse with dark brown hair smiled at me. "Hello how may I help you today sir?" I smiled at her. "Hi my names Zayn Malik I'm here to visit Niall Horan." The Nurse smiled and nodded at me as she got up. I followed her down the hall way to his room. "He's in here." She let me in his room and I held my breath as she closed the door behind me. I stood their for awhile just looking at Niall as layed in his bed with all the wires hooked up to him. He just layed their slowly breathing.

I watched his chest go up and down with each breath he took. Then finally I started to talk to him. "Hey Niall it's Zayn here today. I came to talk to you about how things are going. I guess you could say I'm here to catch you up on what's been going on." I smiled at him knowing he couldn't see. "We had a concert last night and it went great. The fans sang along to almost all the songs and the lads all seemed really happy until they played little things and your part came up. We all sat their trying not to cry as waited for your part to end. I know that sounds mean but we just really miss you Niall. Lucky for us we have amazing fans because they all sang your part as we just sat their and cried." I stopped to wipe away some tears that where falling from my eyes now.

" I heard that Harry was here the other day and that he read you some letters from the fans. I bet that must have been fun. Perrie says to get well soon and that she misses you. Liam hasn't been doing to good either but don't worry he's coming to see you tomorrow I think. To be honest I think that Liam is taking this accident the hardest. All he does is blame him self for what happened to you. We try to tell him its not his fault but he just wont listen to us. Then again he never really listens to us." I laughed awkwardly after that. I talked to Niall a little while longer until the nurse came in and said that I had to go so he could rest. I said good bye to Niall and left his room. I had to hang out at the hospital for longer then I would have like to.

I called Harry and Louis telling them that I was done and waited for them to take me home. We all sat in the car in an awkward silence I couldn't help but think how loud it would be if Niall was in the car. We would all be laughing and smiling and telling jokes. Instead we where all sad and quit and morning him. It was as if he was dead no one ever brought him up or mentioned his name. That's just how it was around the house for now at least.



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