Don't close your eyes

Their I was after my accident in a hospital bed fighting for my life in a coma when Liam came over to me. "Please wake up....soon..." I wanted to talk to him to tell him I was trying but I couldn't. A little while later something happened and the last words I remembered where "DON'T CLOSE YOUR EYES..."


6. They forgot my birthday? :(

Liam's pov:

I woke up this morning knowing that today nothing could wrong. It's my birthday and nothing bad can happen on your birthday! I ran down stairs expecting to see Niall making me my birthday breakfast like he always did but he wasn't their. I went and sat down on the couch thinking that maybe he over slept.

 *2 hours later*

"Okay so either Niall forgot my birthday or Niall is just really tired."  I went over to the stove and started to cook my own breakfast birthday. That's when my phone off. I looked down a big smile on my face when I saw that Harry was calling.

* phone convo*

Liam- Harry you remembered my birthday I was starting to think that you all had forgot!!!

Harry- Right your birthday.....

Liam- you forgot didn't you?

Harry- no?

Liam- Yes you did....It's fine Harry but um do you know where Niall is?

Harry- O Niall is right is here with me I'll put him on the phone

Liam- Yeah could you....

Harry- *shuffling* (Niall Liam is on the phone for you he want's to talk to you) *Niall in back round* (Okay hang on I'll be right their)


Harry- Okay here you go/ Niall- Hey Liam what's up?
Liam- where are you today is my birthday and your not even home!!!

Niall- Liam relax I didn't forget your birthday I would never

Liam-You didn't?

Niall- No I didn't I'm coming to pick you up soon. Just be ready for the best day of your life.

Liam- Okay where are we going?

Niall- I can't tell's a surprise

Liam- Okay I'll see you then

Niall- bye love you Liam

*end of phone convo*

When the phone hung up I started to scream and dance and my face turned bright red. DID NIALL REALLY JUST SAY THAT HE LOVES ME!!!!! AHHHHHHHHH!!!!! I started to dance around my house some more before finally going back to making breakfast. Then ounce I ate I ran up stairs to my room and started to walk down the hall way when I saw a sign with a arrow that read.


I laughed at the sign and went into Niall's room to see a card with some cloths laid out for me.



Hey Liam so I know that today is your birthday you must be feeling kind of sad and down

Just know that we didn't forget your birthday how could we ever forget you on your special day!

I wanted to know that your my best friend and my brother'

I love you Liam

Have a Happy Birthday and I can't wait to see you for the rest of your Birthday hunt


Niall Horan

I smiled at the card and laughed to my self. The lads sure did get me this time. I wonder what they have planned for me this time.




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