Don't close your eyes

Their I was after my accident in a hospital bed fighting for my life in a coma when Liam came over to me. "Please wake up....soon..." I wanted to talk to him to tell him I was trying but I couldn't. A little while later something happened and the last words I remembered where "DON'T CLOSE YOUR EYES..."


2. The best hiding spot in the world

Liam's pov:

"I wonder know where is a good place for me to hide from Niall?" I was freaking out now because I could hear through his thick accent that he was almost done counting. 

*up stairs in Niall's bed room counting*

14,13, 12, 11, 10,

*back down stairs by Liam*

That's when it hit me. "I know where to hide!!!" I yelled out loud and I ran into the bathroom. Ounce I was in the bathroom I made sure to make it look as if I was never their before climbing under the sink to wait for Niall find me. I smiled and swiped my hands together. "This is going to be good."

Niall's pov:

"9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, ready or not here I come Liam." I took off my blindfold laughing like crazy. I took 2 mins to laugh and admire how serious he was at beating me at this game. Then I went down stairs and acted like I was clueless as to wear he went to hide. I knew right away that he was in the bathroom. The only question was which bathroom was he in? I searched all over the house and when I didn't find him I went back to check all 3 bathrooms that were in the house. I went up stairs and checked the bathroom form top to bottom. Then I went to the basement and checked the bathroom from top to bottom. Finally I went to the bathroom that was on the main floor I checked the bathtub first just for laughs. 

When I didn't find him I went to the sink and I opened the doors up only to find a LIAM!!!! I laughed as I helped him to get out of the cramped space. "I don't know how you did that for so long Liam. I would have been freaking out by now. Maybe even passed out all ready form the small space. Liam smiled at me very proud like. "Why are you so good at this game?" I just shrugged. "I guess it's just because I used to play the game a lot as kid with greg." Liam laughed and ran up stairs. "My turn!!!"

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