Don't close your eyes

Their I was after my accident in a hospital bed fighting for my life in a coma when Liam came over to me. "Please wake up....soon..." I wanted to talk to him to tell him I was trying but I couldn't. A little while later something happened and the last words I remembered where "DON'T CLOSE YOUR EYES..."


18. Please wake up

Liam's pov:

Week # 7

I finally managed to get my self to come to and see Niall. I walked through the door of the hospital and the lady at the desk smiled. "Hello Liam here to see Mr. Horan?" I nodded my head and smiled at her as she lead me to his room. "Right through here. If you need me Ill be at the front desk." I nodded my head and took a deep breath. I walked into the room and the room for some odd reason felt warm and happy. It was as if Niall knew that I was their and he was happy to see me.

"Hey Niall it's Liam... Sorry I didn't come to see you for a while. It's just been hard for me to do that." I looked down up set. "It's been hard not having you around. I miss seeing you and hearing your voice Niall. I wish that you would wake up all ready....But I know that your trying your hardest to wake up and come back to us. I want you to know that no matter what happens Niall ill always be here for you I will always have your back." I wanted to hug him so bad but I knew that I couldn't. Jus then the doctor pulled me to the side.

"I'm sorry to let you know this but if he doesn't wake up Monday where going to have to pull the plug on him." The doctor gave me a pat on the back and walked away leaving me to fall to the floor in tears. No they cant do that to him he has so much to live for. I ran back to Niall's room crying even harder now. "Niall please wake up soon if you don't where going to lose you for ever....please Niall I'm not ready to say good bye to you none of us. Worst part is that I'm madly in love with you Niall James Horan." I sighed and walked out of his room thanking the nurse behind the desk as I walked out to my car. The hard part about all this was going to be telling the lads.

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