Tell Me You Love Me (A Ziall Love Story)


Zayn Malik is your avergae bad boy. Everyone fears him at school. He never listens to anyone, and makes his own rules. Except he has a crush on a certain blonde haired boy. Niall Horan is a straight A student. He keeps a steady job at the local diner that his parents own and has a happy life. What happens when these two paths cross? Will hey have a fairytale ending?


2. The Study Date

*Zayns POV*

I stared at the beautiful blonde boy behind me as he stood at the door. How can a human be so beautiful. He scans the classroom looking for a seat, and his eyes land next to the seat next to me. My eyes widen as he strides over to where I am. I fix my hair as a nervous habit. What if he dosen't like me? Do i look ok? My thoughts are interrupted when I hear a soft," Hello Zayn, mind if i sit here?" I turn and nod. Why didnt i say anything? God im soo stupid! I turn to look at im to apologize to see him already looking at me. I blush and look away as does he. Was he looking at me? No he couldnt have been. That beautiful Irish boy could never love a monster like me.Once again I am interrupted by my awful teacher... Mr.Foster. "zayn Malik pay attention in my class or detention it is!" he shouts at me. As usual i roll my eyes and get back to work.I tap the pencil as I struggle with the math problem. I look over at Niall and he already finished. I hesitantly tap his shoulder and say" C-can you help me?" He smiles and nods. He guides me through every step of the problem. I was hardly patying attention because i was watching his perfect pink lips speak as his thick Irish accent spoke. "I can tutor ye if ye want..." he says. I shake my head furiously. Then blush at my desperate movements.He smiles and hands me a small piece of paper. I open it and it has his phone number and address on it. "cant wait to study- Niall" A blush creeps on my cheeks as the bell rings signalling class is over. I pack my stuff in a rush and wait for Niall to lead me to his car. He gathers his things and we walk out to his car. He guides me to a small navy buggy. I hop in and we starts the car. I twiddle my thumbs and wait for what has coming to me.

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