Hell in Living Form

Have u ever met that one person that u thought was hell in living form? Well that's what Madison/Maddie thought about her bully Nash Grier. What happens after high school and they see each other again will He be different or be the same way he was in high school? find out in Hell in Living Form.


2. chapter 2

Madison's pov:

As I was walking in school I heard all of the usual names : slut, fat, whore, worthless, ugly and many more. I ran to the bathroom I don't cry in front of anyone because that shows that the are getting to me and I wont let them enjoy to see me cry. I went over to the sink turned on the water grabbed a paper towel and started to wipe up the dry blood on my face I looked in the mirror and saw that there was a gash above my right eyebrow. I put up my hood after examining the gash above my right eyebrow and walked out of the bathroom to my locker. Once I got to my locker I put my book bag in and grabbed my science books that I need for first period. by the way I am in 10th grade so I am 16 just thought you should know. Anyways back to my life. I walked into science I was late so Mrs. green glared at me as I was making my way to the back of the class room. All through science I was doodling all over my notebooks. My favorite subjects are music and art. skip 2nd, 3rd, and 4th period. Now I just got out of 4th period and started walking to the lunch room. I went inside and decided to skip lunch I grabbed one of my notebooks and started writing music lyrics down:


Why do you have to make my life a living hell,

all I want is to be recognized as the unique girl,

not the regret girl,


why why why,

did you do this to me.

This is all I have written down so far


-How is it so far. comment plz to help me out. bye my blue butterflies-Blue





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