Hiroshimi Miosi

my first story hope you all enjoy it


1. the new one

Today the strangest thing happened ill tell you all about it.

So I was at school (as always) and the teacher said that we had an exchange student arriving at ten o'clock these were her actual words ''we are expecting a student from Japan today and his name is

Hiroshima Miosi.''and of course I put up my hand and said''Who will he stay with miss?'' she said''You if you want Thyla'' I was like woo wop  until he told me he sleep talks/walks so I said ''ok then ill tell my mum that when we get back home'' he said ''yeah sure,can we get something to eat I'm really hungry'' so i said to him ''so sorry just got carried away i guess just forgot please dont hurt me.'' he asked me why he would hurt me i just said  no reason and we started on to the lunch hall.

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