Connected - A Ricky Dillon FanFic

Love-struck Brielle is willing to do anything to win the heart of YouTube sensation, Ricky Dillon. Even if it meant giving up everything she had.


4. The Meet-Up - Ricky

The moment I said her name, she gasped. "H-how did you know my name?"

I looked at her friend, who looked even more stunned. "Y-you two know each other?"

Brielle, the girl in my dreams, looked at me as if asking the same question. Should I tell her? I asked myself. About the dreams? What would she think? I just thought she was a dream character. But she's real! Maybe I've seen her before? That's why I've been dreaming about her? Damn, she's so much prettier in real life. 

I cleared my throat. "Lucky guess, hehe." I said, chuckling nervously. "Would you like a picture?" I tried changing the topic.

Brielle's friend stepped in and pulled out her phone to take a selfie, but I kept my eyes fixed on Brielle, and she kept her eyes on me. Her friend cleared her throat. "Ahem! Ricky!" 

I snapped out of my stare and smiled weakly. "Er, um, sorry."

Brielle stepped into the selfie and smiled the most beautiful smile I'd ever seen.

I couldn't help but point it out. "You've got a gorgeous smile. You really do."

Brielle blushed and looked at the ground. Her friend's nostrils flared in anger, her face turning a bright red.

"A-and is really nice." I stuttered to her now extremely angered friend.

A buzzer went off. "Ricky!" called my assistant Joe. "Next person!"

I couldn't stand to watch Brielle leave. I leaned over to her and whispered in her ear, "Meet me in the storage room on the second floor at 3:00 PM." And smiled and winked.


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